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  1. 1443. Prem says:

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    Thank you for your interest in the swastika and for everybody’s contributions so far. Best of luck in moving the conversation forward in your own circle.

  2. 1442. M. Joseph Lloyd says:

    I do not practice Hinduism nor Jainism or Buddhism, but I still would like to see the swastika reclaim its goodness in society. It was such a universal symbol for good fortune, but alas, twelve years of association with hatred and oppression have marred thousands of years of usage as a symbol of well-being. I may perhaps be overly optimistic, but I hope that it will return to its original meaning in my lifetime. I don’t expect it to, though…

  3. 1441. NW IndiaN says:

    the swastika comes from IndiA the Sanskrit is the oldest ancient history of IndiA and the swastika in Vedic is (svastika) the swastika came from IndiA and originated here. I don’t ever want to see anyone of any different race wearing anything to do with our Vedic religious symbols if you do it will be at your own risk.i am North WEST IndiaN

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