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  1. 1300. Robert says:

    Dear Ramavtar Khemkaka

    It would be Good to see this Information

    Have You thought of setting Up a Swastika
    Heritage Group on Yahoo to show this
    Information ?

  2. 1299. Ramavtar Khemkaka says:

    I have 1000 Pages of swastik knowledge, i wish to upload this sight for Public please provide me the space in audio & video. Please reply very soon. thanks

  3. 1298. Ramavtar Khemkak says:

    Very good

  4. 1297. Robert says:

    Well Done to those Promoting the Swastika in
    a Positive Light.

    On my Part I have Designed Flags for Societies
    with Swastikas upon and have Designed a
    British Holy Swastika in the Colours Red White
    and Blue the Colours of the British Flag to
    Symbolise the Holy Trinity and Christ’s Victory
    over Death

    This Holy Swastika can be also be Used by
    Hindus Jains and Buddhists in the UK as
    the Swastika is a Sacred Symbol to these
    Religions as Well

    Perhaps there might be Swastika Jewellery made
    again to Promote the Swastika in a Positive

  5. 1296. RAM AVTAR KHEMKA says:



  6. 1295. Mari Daisy O. Corral says:

    I believe in this, actually in the Philippines, we have similar symbol to this one and I came about it when I mixed our baybayin ( old writing system together). I am writing this down because I was so amazed to read articles supporting my new symbol ( tao= halaman + hayop/ tao-halaman=hayop/tao-hayop=halaman), and this symbol is the symbol of tao in baybayin form. Now I am not afraid to write more of this :)
    More power!
    Namaste :)

  7. 1294. Robert says:


    Not only must We who Understand that the
    Swastika is a Symbol of Good Not Evil Resolutely
    Oppose any Ignorant and Totalitarian Bans of
    the Swastika which are an Act of Bigotry we
    must seek to Challenge Historical Ignorance
    in the West by Promotions of the Swastika so
    the Swastika returns to the same Acceptibility
    that it had in the West before the National
    Socialist Regime

    Also strive to Remind People in the West of the
    Evil Atrocities committed by the Soviet Union
    Pol Pots Cambodia and the Peoples Republic
    of China under the Hammer and Sickle

    This is a Matter of Civil Religious and Heritage

  8. 1293. I Made Susama says:

    Yes I learned swastika is symbol of power , can recharge your energy by releasing your mind connected
    to macro power by yoga.

  9. 1292. Robert says:

    A Few Exhibitions on the History of the Swastika
    Before and After National Socialism would be
    a Good Idea together with The Making of
    Promotional Items

    The Swastika should be Able to be Used for
    Religious and Cultural Purposes as well as
    Scholarly Research across the World

  10. 1291. Robert says:

    Very Correct about what Happened under the
    Hammer and Sickle

    The Swastika is a Symbol of Good in the
    World and may this be the Case Now and

  11. 1290. Joes Mama says:

    The old soviet union flag and symbol was the sickel and hammer, this symbol (the sickel and hammer) represented a regime that killed TEN TO TWELVE TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE AS THE ENTIRE NUMBER OF PEOPLE KILLED BETWEEN 1933 AND 1945, yet do they plan on outlawing the sickel and hammer? NO! FYI i condemn what the nazis done but you cant have a double standard by saying one evil is Ok but the other isnt. and the swastika has never represented evil even 70 years after it was first stigmatised.

  12. 1289. Robert says:

    Indeed the Swastika is a Symbol of Good

    I have Designed a Flag for the Red Squirrel
    Swastika Society

    The Swastika is Part of the Heritage of Mankind

  13. 1288. ajit verma says:

    swastikas mwans non violence and peace!! those who have swastika symbol in their houses in india practises vegetarianism because mudering a chicken also a evil in their belif !!!so please all my western counterparts i request you not ban this symbol !!! thatt willl be real aryan spirit ….

  14. 1287. Robert says:

    A Good Site Ego Kornus

    Very Informative and Well Presented

  15. 1286. Robert says:

    There should be Flags Designed for Various
    Societies Games Societies Historical
    Societies and even Wildlife Societies with
    the Swastika upon so the Swastika can be
    Seen in a Truer Light as a Symbol of Good
    and the Stigma Associated with it because
    of National Socialism can be Swept Away

    If there is a Swastika Chess Society then
    it can have a Flag with a Depiction of a
    Chessboard and Swastikas in the Corners for

  16. 1285. Ego Kornus says:

    I think this blog should be on your linklist too.
    Everyday a new foto of a swastika already more then 1500 entries.

  17. 1284. Robert says:

    Indeed we can Take the Swastika Back
    from the National Socialists so it can
    again have it’s Proper Place as a
    Symbol of Cultural Luck
    Used by many Religions in the World

    The Day when the Swastika can be Flown on
    Flags Un Connected with National Socialism
    without Controversy is the Day when the
    Swastika has been Taken Back from the
    Disaster and Tragedy of the National Socialists

    The Swastika is a Symbol of Good
    unlike the National Socialist Regime a
    Symbol of Evil

  18. 1283. Will Freese says:

    We took Europe back from the Nazis. We can take the swastika back, too.

  19. 1282. Ram AVtar Khemka says:

    I have invented chautisa darshan & uploaded on YOU TUBE the name of capckhemka channel you tube. Please chekc & give me progress reoprt . So i can 1000 pages more of this new knowledge. Thanks Ram Avtar Khemka Ludhiana
    Email ID

  20. 1281. Robert says:

    The Swastika still Appears to be upon
    Finnish Air Force Command Flags and
    may it Remain so.

    The Swastika was once widely used in
    Western Europe before the National
    Socialist Tragedy

    The Swastika is part of the Past of Mankind
    and also must be of the Present and
    Future a Symbol of Light and Good Luck

    Many Atrocities Occured under the Hammer
    and Sickle under Stalin Mao and Pol Pot
    but yet that Symbol is Not as Half as Demonised
    in the West

    Swastika Symbol of Light and Good Luck

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