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  1. 1260. Ram Avtar Khemka says:

    swastik is a part of chautisa yantra .just found . I have invented khemkas numerical cube and up loaded it on youtube google sight as video as a proff and also uploded chautisa device video.please
    look in to the matter and comments. thanks — Ram Avtar khemka (India)

  2. 1259. Vince von Lamburg says:

    I say bring back the Swastika !!! It is a positive symbol in either direction and is used much in many countries today and weather the Jews like it or not they should shut their eyes to it and watch out their star of David don’t be taken as an evil symbol in the world like they tried to do with the cross of Jesus Christ here in America in the 1950′s. In America the Swastika was used on the checkered floor tiles of the old West and in hallways of apartment buildings in the 1900′s, so what is the big dislike about it !!!!! Jews watch yourselves, you people try to stop anything you don’t like claiming something is against your religion or personal beliefs. The Swastika to me is a good positive symbol, I never use it disrespectfully or display it as a bad intent to the Jews, I will never do that !!! If anyone would like to know, ” I do think the flag of Israel is a beautiful flag”, I will nor disrespect it !!! The new German Swastika flag was flown here in America in many places, girls and boys scout camps, Madison Square Garden, etc, so why was it good then ??? Let me say this, Germany lost the war, the victorious countries, America, England and Russia decided against Germany of keeping her Swastika flag and to wave a new design, this Germany did. Japan also lost the war against America. Japan committed the most horrifying death to millions of harmless people the world has ever seen (not Germany). Japan asked America if she can keep her “Rising Sun” flag (red disk on a white flag), America granted permission and it still waves today. Japan should have lost her flag if Germany lost hers, very unfair !!! The German Swastika represented a “re-awakening life” which is a positive thing, is it not ??? The SS and the Death Head are the Jew killing symbols, protest those !!!!!!! If America hangs a horse shoe above the doorway for good luck, and a rabbit’s foot for good luck, and the Italian red pepper for good luck, garlic for protection, why not hang the Swastika for good luck!!! I SAY BRING BACK THE SWASTIKA !!!

  3. 1258. ravi says:

    The word swastika came from the Sanskrit word svastika, meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness. It is composed of su- meaning “good, well” and asti “to be”. Suasti thus means “well-being.” The suffix -ka either forms a diminutive or intensifies the verbal meaning, and suastika might thus be translated literally as “that which is associated with well-being,” corresponding to “lucky charm” or “thing that is auspicious.”

  4. 1257. Vince von Lamburg says:

    The origins of the Swastika are unknown, all that can be said for certain is that it was used many, many thousands of years ago as a symbol of good meanings, be it health, wealth, peace, etc. and never political of course. Its Sanskrit name “Svasti” translate as “all is well” in Peru, China, India, Tibet and Scandinavia. In 1891 Edward Hulme pointed out that the early Christians adopted and used the Swastika to their own purpose centuries older then the Christian era, a symbol of early Aryan origin. During the early 1930′s in Germany it was discovered that the Prussian royal family used a swastika on its coat of arms. Its association with evil was known long before the Nazis, but the Theosophists could not decide which way pointing meant evil and which way meant good if this is true of it evil direction. In a 1909 issue of the “Theosophical Review” , Mr. H.E. Green attempted to settle this……”There is some differences of opinion as to the direction the cross is supposed to be turning, which ever way is considered to be correct in drawing the cross to represent goodness, its opposite way will represent evil. Mr. Green noted that if the arms of the cross is shown turning anti-clockwise it would represent the divine order of things, and this is the direction chosen by the Nazis and the Nazis taken it to represent a “re-awakening life” all for themselves. The Nazis were NOT award that any evil may be represented by its direction, no one thought this as it was ALWAYS a good, positive symbol in either direction and so it remains a good symbol today, it is not associated with any evil !!!

  5. 1256. Vince von Lamburg says:

    To Shiloh: I agree with you, raise the swastika up high again. Let it shine bright for its original intentions for all people to understand and hope for. The Nazis did not create or use it (the hooked cross) as or for an evil symbol, it was a symbol for a “Re-awakening Life” and only that. It was the victors of World War II that branded it as a swastika, a symbol of hate and death, that is wrong and the people of America must be taught the difference. The symbol for the hate, death and murder of Jews is the SS and its symbol, the Death Head (something like the pirate’s Jolly Roger). Now did you forget the Christian’s cross, the so called “cross of Jesus Christ” and how it was used in America? The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) burned it to terrorize and intimidate the negro (black) people among others and how many died from this roving gang of haters!!! Burning the Christian cross for terror, to display hate and cause death!!! So because of this do we discontinue the cross from Christianity, ban its use and place in churches or hanging from ones neck on a chain? NO !!!. So if the Christian cross is still used as a symbol of hope, protection, salvation and during prayers then why not the swastika and hooked cross to be just as worthy for the reasons it was created for ???

  6. 1255. Shiloh says:

    It was used as close as anyone can tell first by the Neolithic people,also the Pagan Bronze Age people during the same period.And then many many others along through time,..up till the Nazis got hold of it.

  7. 1254. Shiloh says:

    To those who say the Swastika came into being in India are wrong.It was used waaay back in time,by the Vikings,by so many other cultures as well.Not just the East Indian people.
    I am one of those who believe that we should reclaim this beautiful symbol from it’s cruel reputation,and be able to wear it in pride once again.To let people know that we believe in peace,prosperity,and joy.Not death and murder-Genocide.

  8. 1253. Vince von Lamburg says:

    To Dave Peters: And what does the Lord require of all men… “To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly”. Jesus did not find a new religion, he was disgusted with those around him, the white man, the black man, his own damned Jews and there sinful living. What Jesus push to accomplished was for all men to live with better moral values. Before then, then, now and into the future……There has been no man without sin, no not one, ever !!!

  9. 1252. dave peters says:

    ever since god made the white man they are linked with the most evils on earth’world wars 1and2..atomic bombs etc dont forget slavery

  10. 1251. dave peters says:

    ever since god made the white man they are linked with the most evils on earth

  11. 1250. Kalki Venkateshwara says:

    Hitler was a Lord King of Jews, His intention to crucify Jews to push Jews from Europe to Jews homeland Jerusalem (Israel). If Hitler didn’t crucify Jews then Jews wouldn’t have left to Homeland Israel. Swastika means symbol of Lord Vishnu Chakra. Check

  12. 1249. Kalki Venkateshwara says:

    Hitler was a Lord King of Jews, His intention to crucify Jews to push Jews from Europe to Jews homeland Jerusalem (Israel). If Hitler didn’t crucify Jews then Jews wouldn’t have left to Homeland Israel. Swastika means symbol of Lord Vishnu Chakra. Check was a Lord King of jews, His intenction to crucfy Jews

  13. 1248. Vince von Lamburg says:

    The German hooked cross, Hakenkreuz, better known in America as Swastika was used before Hitler joined any existing party after World War I. It eventually was adapted to face forward and at times rotated and Hitler decided on the coloring of it for his party symbol. It eventually became Germany’s new flag and it represented: a “Re-awakening Life” and was not a hate or evil symbol. Germany awoke from the destroyed position in was in from the Versailles Treaty signed after surrendering and from further harassment from France, etc. Germany awoke, the country became the first to pull itself out of the great depression, out doing the victors of the war, America and England. The German people picked themselves up, out doing every country in the world and Germany became the ‘Heart of Europe”. America and England became highly jealous, Germany pulls out of the League of Nations and stands on her own feet !!! The German hooked cross, a symbol of a re-awakening life !!!

  14. 1247. Kali Yug says:

    The Swastika, is the original symbol of the Aryans: Indians who follow the Sanatan Dharma (the original term for the Hindu religion meaning the The path of truth).

    To be frank there have been worse genocides before and since the Holocaust and no one mentions then. And anyway, not that I’m in the slightest bit pro-Arab, but lets face facts the behaviour of the Israelis in Gaza is no different to the Nazi.

    I’m a Hindu, not a Nazi or a racist, and I couldn’t give two tiny shits whether people get offended, the swastika is my identity dating back to before any religion of the old testament, before the buddha, before Egypt, Greece or any other European or Middle Eastern civilisation, it defines my Hindu roots, which as you know in country with over 33% Muslims (and counting) is very important, and I will continue to wear it with pride.

  15. 1246. gord mathison says:

    “swastika” is just a word. If it conjures up a lot of negative sentiment, then it’s time to change words. Which is more important – the word or the “idea”?

  16. 1245. Claude Aubin says:

    First if you want to reclaim the swastika you should put it on your web site the way it always been in the past before being inverted and miss-used and still miss-used by Nazi followers. That might be the first thing to do as a picture worth a 1000 words. The want you placed on your web site will attract nazi lovers.

  17. 1244. Lars Larsen says:

    The swastika was a popular good luck symbol for 5 thousand years.The nazis only used for 10 years before the war was over.

  18. 1243. amanda says:

    soo i was loooking through all of ur information and it is very helpful.but somethings were just nasty.if u look at the photo page their is a photo of a nakeddd dude and it showed some private parts.i suggest u delete the picture,but honestly the rest was gud.thanks:)

  19. 1242. Sojourn says:

    Exonerating the Swastika from Hitler : a Painting ; at (search) Battle Lines on Facebook ! -Adroit Sojourn

  20. 1241. Sojourn says:

    There is a Painting , at (search) Battle Lines on Facebook , that Exonerates the Swastika from Hitler ! -Adroit Sojourn

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