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  1. 1320. Robert says:

    Well Done to Balochs in Claiming the Swastika
    as their Ancient National Symbol

    It would be Splendid to see a Balochistan Flag
    Proudly Bearing the Swastika Flying

    I Treasure my Flag of Air Training Wing of the
    Finnish Air Force with Swastika upon so
    Long Live the Swastika for the Present and the

    Apparently there is a Gilgit Baltistan Flag
    with the Swastika upon

  2. 1319. Noori Baloch says:


    Balochs claim SWASTIKA as their ancient national Sign for the following reasons but arguments based on recent research proudly conducted by young baloch historians/scholars:

    The most ancient Civilization (MEHRGARH) According to Mr Jarriage (1974-85 George Weber: Article) it was the most developed civilization of its time. these are nearly 9000 to 11000 old ruins situated in Balochistan near Bolan river,where the Sign SWASTIKA was found on excavated potteries.

    Balochistan is the mother land of ancient civilizations.Mr. Jarriage says that ” the area of Balochistan was the home land of ancient primary settlement of mankind.The mounds are also described the social, political, fiscal, religious, cultural, and anthhropological information about the ancient society of the area. Any big city like Harrapa and Mohenjodaro in Punjab and Sindh (Pakistan) not discovered here, but all mounds are correspondent the ancient and beginning village system. No doubt the village system began from Balochistan than extended in other countries.

    The pre historic ruins explained a long story, but this story is not well defined by the Experts. In other countries the ruins of ancient big cities with a large number of objects have discovered in which all the socity defined very well, so every one has all information about them like ruins of Harrapa, Mohenjodaro, Kali Bhangan (Wheeler : 1997) ruins of ancient bablonia, ruins of jordan and Egypt and many other international sites. But the information about the mostly ruins of Balochistan are scanty, because of many reasons like;

    i.These ruins are most ancient than the neighbour countris.

    ii. The lack of research and excavation.

    iii. The all researchdone by foriegn experts.

    iv. On national and regional basis people have no information about these and many other sites in Balochistan.


    Now after the exploration and excavation of mound of Mehrgarh and observing signs and pictures on the pottries of Mehrgarh, the young Baloch Historians/ Scholers Claim that the Sign of Swastika belongs to Baloch Culture and civilization

    They argue that the world connects the SWASTIKA to the Arians, BUT…….. Remember that as per the Historical fact known by evry historian and student of the History, the Arians entered in this dynasty after 1600 BC, when major part of the ancient culture of balochistan was ended. point to be noted that the o objects bearing the sign of SWASTIKA found from Mehrgarh are 5000 to 9000 years oild, which proves that the SWASTIKA dose not belong to Arians but they opted it from Mehrgarh and afterward it became famous as Arian sign.

    Beside SWASTIKA the other signs observed on the objects found from Mehrgarh very boldly connects the cultural of Mehrghar to the present cultural of Baloch Nation.

    Debate is open to all historians/ Students of the history, Scholers to reject the Baloch’s Claim or to accept the fact that SWASTIKA is a pure Baloch sign which was lost and now found back.

    This is an introductory text to the debate. While debate opens the proves to effect would be provided on demand.




  3. 1318. Robert says:

    Indeed People should be Proud of their
    Culture and Ancestry

    The Swastika should be Freely Displayed
    and is whatever anyone says a Symbol of
    Good and Virtue

    I Hope that comes a Time when the Swastika
    is No Longer Demonised and I am All for the
    Display of the Swastika including upon

    To Interfere with the Swastika is to Interfere
    with Cultural Religious and Human Rights

    Their has been too much Anti Germanism

    The Hammer and the Sickle has been More
    the Symbol of Suffering to many including
    Today in the ” Peoples Republic of China ”
    where both Chinese and Tibetan People Suffer

  4. 1317. Dave says:

    Wow, people seem to be forgetting that the swastika for Germany was created to help bring the Germans together when the need was greatest!! Hitler did this and the country was unified and millions of people were put back to work under one symbol, the swastika. I am married to a German, my son is half German. I was stationed in Germany for 5 years not long ago, German people are angry that they cannot be proud of their history as americans are even they I, as an american have a very brutal history as do every other country. Germany just LOST thats all. Im proud to be carrying my extended family’s memorabilia’s in the open and I display the swastika open in my home regardless of who it makes uncomfortable. Grow up! Get over it. The russians were far more vicious if you do your history people. Let the germans have their history and be proud people again, Im proud to be white so should they!

  5. 1316. Ram Avtar Khemka says:

    In my openion swastik and magic square are pair not saprate , i just made a Man size magic square 64×64 pdf , 5 feet , used nos, 4096 , this is not a simple thing to keep in memory put them .

  6. 1315. Robert says:

    When the Swastika is Openly Flown in the
    World as Befits it’s Cultural Religious Heritage
    the World will be a Better Place

    Swastika Symbol of Peace and Good Luck

    The National Socialists are Gone Thankfully but
    May the Swastika Live On

  7. 1314. Robert says:

    Indeed the Swastika was an Ancient Symbol
    and it should be a Symbol of the Present and
    the Future

    One Terrible Regime does Not Change the
    Fact that the Swastika was a Symbol of
    Good Luck and Peace

    Millions Suffered under the Hammer and Sickle
    but Yet the Hammer and Sickle
    is Not so Demonised

    Future to the Swastika

  8. 1313. Brent Whiteleather says:

    Native Americans used the symbol as well!! I thought it symbolized god to them!! I think the Hebrews used the symbol as well I thought that was why the Nazi’s used it to throw it on their face!!

  9. 1312. Andy says:

    Sure it’s an ancient symbol.

    But symbols are about communicating shared meaning. For half the world it is evocative of mass murder, racism and tremendous suffering and conflict.

    The swastika was a key part of Nazi iconography, and this aspect of the symbol’s use should not be swept under the carpet. Their actions should not be forgotten, and thier imagery should not be sanitized, don’t you think?

  10. 1311. Robert says:


    The Swastika in it’s Original Meaning of
    a Symbol of Good Luck and Peace is something
    to be Rightfully Proud of.

    Future for the Swastika

  11. 1310. Nick says:

    It’s just a shape. If you want to be offended by a symbol that’s connected to genocide and intolerance, try a cross.

  12. 1309. Robert says:

    Dear María Castro
    I Agree about the Swastika
    being Symbol of Victory of Good over Evil.

    Existing for Many Hundreds and Thousands of
    Years before the National Socialist Disaster
    One Hopes that the Swastika will Exist for a
    Long Time preferably Eternity

    It is with Pride that I Use my Swastika Designs
    showing the Swastika in a Positive Light

  13. 1308. María Castro says:

    The swastik is the symbol of victory, the victory of the Universal Conscience, the victory of spiritualism. It has nothing to do with Hitler’s macabre plan.

  14. 1307. Robert says:

    Good Efforts Ramavtar khemkak in Putting
    Up those Videos on You Tube

  15. 1306. Ramavtar khemkak says:

    no one know about Four Bindu (spot) Of Swastik . Writter know all There fore surch google Chautisa Darshan and look Position of Swastik Bindu s liv
    e cast with action proff .

  16. 1305. kevin says:

    The symbol of god is well known. It is only expected of the dark side should try and gain some light. If you are one who truly believes, and lives buy gods laws, he will bless you.

  17. 1304. Ramavtar khemkak says:

    Just invented . Look videos regarding Swastik & Chautisa Yantra surch on youtube Swastik darshan and Chautisa Darshan , more Thanks

  18. 1303. Robert says:

    Ramavtar Khemka go search for Yahoo Mail
    set up a Yahoo Mail Account and then go
    look on google for yahoogroups and either
    under Government & Politics or Religion & Beliefs
    a Swastika Group could be Set Up

  19. 1302. Ramavtar Khemka says:

    I have found that Swastik is a Positive Power as like the god.Actually Swastik is a four Direction Theroum.I File it patent application no. 2179/Del/2011.

    i Know How to make useful (Daily use not in picture) Swastik.

    I have made a Swastik Paper Device attached with binary.

    Swastik Knowlledge not possible to explain in Lectures.

    I wish to Show it on the site in video shape.
    Plzz comments if you like

  20. 1301. Ramavtar Khemka says:

    Helo Robert…Please Provide me link where i put my informartion regarding swastik.

    My investigation regarding swastik is so wide and i also research on this Swatik Past 25 years.

    I have many information and My purpose is to spread this knowledge all over the world.I also fiind a Patner who join me as a Partner gratuitously or non gratuiously manner.

    Any interesting Person also contact me.

    Please reply me as soon as poosible.

    Ramavtar Khemka
    Mob No. 9988775238 (India)

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