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  1. 1340. Arlo James Barnes says:

    @Prem – Thanks.
    It was interesting reading everyone’s comments, but I get too much daily email in general.

  2. 1339. Karla says:

    What a great website! I’ve long thought that to finally bury the obscenity that was Adolf Hitler and the Nazi killing machine, we as a united and informed world must reclaim the swastika for ourselves. Every day that the swastika is considered a symbol of evil is another day that the evil psychopath holds us in his power and his corruption is seeded in our psyches.

    Sorry, W. Walker, but I love the idea that schools are teaching this to their children. Ignorance and hate go hand in hand.

  3. 1338. W. Robert Walker says:

    Recently, a 4th grade teacher posted students’ drawings of swastikas on the hallway bulletin board. There was no commentary, nor caveat. She said they were merely symbols of “good luck.” To me they were symbols of hate, reprehensible symbols. I asked the principal to remove them; however, he wouldn’t. I said that I could not work at that site as long as the symbols remained. Their presence created a hostile work environment for me. The District office did not respond to my inquiries. Consequently, I was terminated for the “abandonment” of my job.

  4. 1337. Prem says:

    Hi Arlo,
    Sorry – the email subscriptions module has had a few issues. We’ll be changing it to a new system soon. In the meantime, I’ll manually remove you.


  5. 1336. Arlo James Barnes says:

    The email unsubscribe does not work for me, how about for others?

  6. 1335. Robert says:

    Interesting Information upon the Sacred and
    Holy Swastika

  7. 1334. Robert says:

    The Swastika is Indeed Associated with the
    Supreme Hence the Principle of a British
    Holy Swastika Symbolising Christ’s Victory
    over Death

  8. 1333. anupkumar says:

    please no one should relate swastika with “yantras”. swastika is a good symbol. swastika is an auspicious sign of good luck. its mainly used in shrines & temples.

    yantras are magic items created by few mad SAGES . and thats why “atharvaveda” is not given importance by god.

    if any use swastika with yantras and use it as a “shortcut” or magic item.. it looses its natural charm. SWASTIKA IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SUPREME.

  9. 1332. anupkumar says:

    its useless to ” lay a claim” and point fingure at each other. this symbol has been used by bhuddist monks long ago. balooch are most welcome they have good feelings about it. they must also know that it is pious and sacred. jeleousy and hatred are not the ways to claim, but love and brotherhood are ..

  10. 1331. anupkumar says:

    swastika is the symbol of peace,good luck and prosperity.

  11. 1330. subesingh yadav says:

    Cosmology and the Swastika

    Like e.g. the serpent, the swastika crystallizes fundamental principles relating to natural universal processes and their relationship to terrestrial life and was designed to evoke an intuitive or emotional response rather than an intellectual understanding.

    As the serpent is the symbol of the creative, energizing force of the Supreme Spirit, the swastika is representative of that life-force being set in motion to initiate the cyclic workings of nature. Both images are thus closely inter-related.

    The ancient Vedic seers described the original cosmic creative process as `the churning of the milky ocean’ whereby fields of subtle substance become condensed into gross matter; a view that is now widely accepted today in energy-field physics research.

    This `churning’ is represented geometrically in Tantric ritual as a four armed cross within a circle and the cross is meant to be imagined as oscillating backwards and forwards as in a churning motion. The forward movement clockwise is towards evolution while the anti-clockwise movement is towards dissolution. The circle represents the universe in its potential un-manifested state prior to creation and is called in Hinduism `Brahmanda’. The Aryas also believe that the universe periodically dissolves and is then re-created. The period between dissolution and re-creation is known as `Pralaya’, a time of rest between creative periods. A period of creativity is called `Manvantara’ and both periods (i.e. creation and dissolution) constitute a `Kalpa’ or a cycle of creation. The dissolutionary process due to the inevitable pull of gravity and a slowing down of the expanding evolutionary process has been labelled by Western cosmologists as `the big crunch’. The entire creative process is again more descriptively labelled by the Aryas as `the breathing out of Brahma’ (the Creator in the Hindu Trinity) while the dissolutionary process is seen as `the breathing in of Brahma’. This cyclic process of cosmic, periodic, involution, evolution and dissolution is symbolized by the forward and backward movement of the cross.

    The four arms of the cross are known as `the four arms of Vishnu’, the Supreme Deity in Vedic times who later became the `preserver’ in the Hindu Trinity. Vishnu’s role is to maintain order, balance, and cohesion throughout the created universe. This is the `mystic cross’ which later found its way into all religions with certain modifications as the Egyptian Cross, the Chinese Tau, the Cross of the Rosicrucians and the Christian cross.

    The created is sustained by continual opposition between two forces, i.e. attraction and repulsion which act and react via a process of flux that is mirrored in the activity of all nature from the breathing of plants, the action of the human lungs, bio-rhythms, the flow of energy in a dynamo, to the expansion and contraction of the Earth itself.

    It is the oscillating motion of the cross within the circle which symbolizes that opposition between positive evolutionary forces and negative dissolutionary forces that give birth to the swastika in both its configurations, i.e. right-angled or left-angled.

    The whole of creation is bound by this principle and by the ultimate balancing of these two polarities, `well-being’ that is an ideal state without conflict, may be achieved. On a personal level, this ideal condition, as any individual knows, may at its best be only a sometimes thing during the course of day to day living. The point of eventual neutrality or perfect balance between the two forces, is equilibrium — thereby no existing conflict between negative and positive. If it were to become an actual consistent condition, the very purpose of life itself (which is innately felt by most individuals as growth towards an ideal or perfection, or total `order’) would be pointless and the evolutionary process would cease to be of significance. The cross at rest symbolizes that final perfect balance or equilibrium — Pralaya.

    On Siva temple throughout India the right-angled swastika is ever present which indicates the transforming and evolutionary aspect which Lord Siva represents in Hindu philosophy.

  12. 1329. Joshua Madoc says:

    To this day, I am still a firm believer of true meanings of all symbols, even as an outsider. The swastika is especially no exception.

    It saddens me and angers me greatly that human beings of the Western countries still perceive this symbol of prosperity as a symbol of evil and bigotry, no thanks to the efforts of a single broken man who may or may not have been an evil incarnation of myself.

    Wounds are meant to be treated, not left to fester for everyone to see and be repulsed at. I KNOW that is not easy for many survivors to take in, but this mortal plane of men cannot be a theater of agony, suffering and bigotry for so long. Peace must endure in its purest form, and with it must come mutual understanding of our forefathers’ past mistakes and sins, and build a better future out of it.

  13. 1328. subesingh yadav says:

    We see big hand, heart and open mind
    They have better vision for mankind.

    The siddha swastika temple in Dvarka

    Why the siddha swastika temple in dvarka ?
    Dvarka means door to salvation and swastika be always at the Door.
    The Dvarka Gujarat India is one of the holiest hindu four divine sites [chardham] and one of the seven Puri.
    We build a temple in the shapes of swastika on 90,000 sq.ft. land. Arms are 180 ft. long With 116 columns height 22 ft and construction area 33,000 sq.ft. Cost Rs.10 cr. Over vision reclaim the swastika for harmony.
    Shree siddha swastika society is dedicated this task.

  14. 1327. Robert says:

    Researching the History & Present of India I
    am Pleased to find out that Bihar uses the
    Swastika upon it’s Seal indeed 2 Swastikas
    by the Bodhi Tree

    It is Splendid that Bihar the place of so much
    Indian History makes Usage of the Noble
    Swastika in it’s Seal

  15. 1326. Robert says:

    Good Points about the Noble Swastika
    subesingh yadav

  16. 1325. subesingh yadav says:

    Ready – to – use concepts for the swastika
    The swastika image of spiritual victory
    The swastika an ancient extremely powerful symbol that has been used for over 7000 years and continues to be so for hundreds of millions people today.
    The swastika has been used in practically every culture around the world for as long as documentation has been available with all positive meanings.
    Universal love, Good luck, Divine light, Eternal life,
    Prosperity, Peace, Fertility, Inner strength, Charms.
    many sign of good harmony and usage on products also architecture….. Including GOD
    power of swastika name
    • Your first name of Swastika has given you a quick-minded, sensitive nature.

    • It gives you a creative ability in art, music, singing, or drama and an appreciation for refined surroundings.

    • Your sociable nature expresses affection, kindness, and thoughtfulness to the extent that it is difficult for you not to be affected by others and governed by your emotions, rather than by logic and reason.

    • As you respond to love and encouragement from others, your romantic and dreamy nature can easily lead you into love affairs.

    Swastika – A Symbol of Auspicious Knowledge

    Swastika sign of soul

    Om Swasti N~indro Vradhashravaha, Swasti Naha Pusha Vishvavedaha |
    Swasti Nastakshryo~aristanemihi, Swasti No Brihaspatirdadhatu ||

    This sacred hymn of the Yajur-veda is a swastivachana – a prayer, an ardent aspiration, for the highest good and well-being of all beings, of everything, of the whole universe…. Heart-felt chanting of this hymn is an integral part of initiating every religious sacrament or important familial ceremony in the vedic cultural rituals. It conveys the core meaning hidden in the vedic symbol of swastika. The term swastikaemanates from the Sanskrit word swasti = su (good) + asti (being).
    Many more aspects of knowledge, deeper meanings and philosophical teachings and feelings and effects might have been folded in the distinctive and comprehensive design of swastika. But at the core of it lies the spirit of auspiciousness and well-being of every individual, every family, society, nation, and the whole creation. It therefore continues to be of universal significance and reverence. What is required is that we grasp its implications and adapt them in all walks of life. Let the auspicious sentiments and teachings encoded in the swastika be expressed in our aspirations, thoughts and deeds. Let swastika not only be worshipped in our shrines, let it also be enshrined in our hearts and minds as the spirit and light of saintly sentiments, knowledge and wisdom.

    We have 5000 different images of the swastika major religions just like Hindu, Jain, Buddha, Jews, Christian, Islam, Shinto and Bahia in 80 countries of the world.

    We see big hand, heart and open mind
    They have better vision for mankind.

    The siddha swastika temple in Dvarka

    Why the siddha swastika temple in dvarka ?
    Dvarka means door to salvation and swastika be always at the Door.
    The Dvarka is one of the holiest hindu four divine sites [chardham] and one of the seven Puri.
    We build a temple in the shapes of swastika on 90,000 sq.ft. land. Arms are 180 ft. long With 116 columns height 22 ft and construction area 33,000 sq.ft. Cost Rs.10 cr. Over vision reclaim the swastika for harmony.
    Evadence cannot solve anything hard work is the only way.
    Shree siddha swastika society is dedicated this task.
    Who is the shree siddha swastika society ?
    A community that helps men lead great lives

    Energy of swastika
    We found experts have identified the energy on the scale of Bovis [ in the name of french scientist Mr.Bovis ] as under.
    Energy of healthy human being…….+ 6500 Bovis
    Different Chakras in body……………+ 6500 to 16000 Bovis
    Red flower………………………………+ 6500 Bovis
    Ringing of the church bell emits……+ 11000 Bovis
    Call from the east facing Mosque…..+ 12000 Bovis
    Tibetan prayer wheel emits ………….+12000 Bovis
    Aum symbol…………………………….+ 100 000 Bovis
    Hitler swastika tilted to 45 degree…..+ 1000 Bovis
    Swastik…………………………………..+ 100 00 00 Bovis

  17. 1324. Robert says:

    The Swastika is a Positive Symbol of Faith Good
    Luck and Culture

  18. 1323. Daniel says:

    hello, may I use some of the information on your site in my blog? I will quote your site as reference.

  19. 1322. Josh L says:

    Does your Symbolism article actually imply that the left facing Swastika is somehow negative? it s used in many cultural and religious beliefs including Japanese Buddhism, please tell me if I’m just confused.

  20. 1321. Noori Baloch says:

    Well Robert, Thanks for your comments. It would be highly appreciated if a debate based on logic, arguments and proofs be started on “Claim of balochs”.

    Noori Baloch

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