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  1. 1440. Bright Spark says:

    To make Swastika well known as a positive symbol, the current BJP government should use it prominently in all public functions. This will facilitate wider media coverage (including international) prompting overseas viewers to query why is Swastika is openly displayed in India. That curiosity will prompt them to seek answers (mostly via the internet). Hopefully, over many decades of such positive reinforcement nationally and internationally, Swastika will again regain its revered place in humanity.

  2. 1439. Haley says:

    I’m trying to find somebody that will be a guest speaker or visitor for my husbands Odenism meetings in a prison, its in Livingston Texas. If anybody can help, please email me at

    Thank you,

  3. 1438. Gracie says:

    Very insightful website about the true meaning of the swastika. I have always been intrigued by the symbol despite it’s horrible use and what it was known for in world war two. Always felt there must be a deeper significance to the symbol and im glad there is, I absolutely feel like this is worthy of more exposure to educate people the true spirit and value of this symbol.

  4. 1437. Raj Mody B.A.CIP says:

    You have made a good beginning, but you seemed to have lost the momentum . I visited this site several years ago, but nothing much has changed.

    How can I help to spread the good word ?

  5. 1436. Joe norton says:

    Under the history, you nailed it, and this is the most important fact to get out there. The NAZI use if this symbol sealed its fate to be doomed from the start. World history and the story of mankind has few commonalities across the globe for most if its existence. The misuse of this symbol by evil people now gone, has, since the 1940s, removed a Sybil of World heritage. Misuse of the symbol assures of doom, losing it and un-using it cannot be much better. Thanks for the drive and take back from the nazi ‘s.

  6. 1435. cathy st.pierre says:

    I would be so happy if people would realize finally what this symbol really stands for.thank you for taking a stand and educating people.

  7. 1434. Glen says:

    A very powerful symbol, I’ve been drawn to them since childhood…Even when I “doodle” on a note-pad I find myself drawing different variations of the Swastika and/or rune-like symbols…

  8. 1433. Glenna Moldrem says:

    It certainly is mostly unattainable to see well-updated visitors on this theme, but you appear like you fully grasp exactly what you’re posting on! Regards

  9. 1432. Jetlag says:

    I think we need to start by calling the Nazi cross by it’s actual name, the Hakenkreuz. As long as anyone sees that symbol and calls it a “swastika”, the billions of people around the world for whom the swastika is a religious symbol, will live in intolerance from the west. The Reclaim the Swastika movement is growing, but there’s still a lot of education required and that starts with vocabulary.

  10. 1431. Jef says:

    Any association of the swastika, regardless its turning left or right, with Nazism, should be banned from people’s minds – unless also the colours appear to match. Otherwise, one could just as well look down on any kind of a cross shape or, on any flag that only has its three bands in the same direction as some enemy flag. Of course, the presence of certain other symbols or the nature of the object may also make a simple dark swastika without a specifically added background, quite inappropriate.

  11. 1430. Shashzhaan Puebla says:

    Thank you for your work. I represent 4 races: American Indian, Celt, Norse and Slav (for simplicity’s sake, having several tribes in each) All of my ancestors held this symbol close to their hearts and I cry for the loss of this sacred symbol of unity. If we allow it’s loss to continue we will continue the genocide against the many peoples who have this symbol central to their cosmology. Forgotten by many, it represents the course of the Big Dipper over a year period, in variation with Ursa Major, in the Northern Hemisphere: Thus, it is an Interrelative Formula important for learning vital cultural tradition for many people. It can also be found in Hawaii, I learned when stationed there as an American Soldier. Thank you again.

  12. 1429. geetha says:

    For Hindus it will always remain a sacred symbol. Nazis are a recent and temporary phenomenon on earth.

  13. 1428. Bernard de Neumann says:

    Rather ironically, the frontispiece of the book “Weimarer historisch-genealoges Taschenbuch des gesamten Adels jehudäischen Ursprunges. 1912. Erster Jahrgang. – Weimar, Kyffhäuser-Verlag, 1912″ utilizes the the “Hindu” swastika as part of the decoration at the foot of the page. The book itself became known informally as the “Semi Gotha”, and was used to identify Jewish noble families by the Nazis; this being a pun on Semitic Gotha, where Gotha refers to the German genealogical books on their noble families.

  14. 1427. Larry says:

    The first stika is from the Garden of Eden. I filed Letter of Recommendations, formal complaint pending investigation s of, 7th charges within the 50 states abroad without any resolution. My financial retribution must been given. Peace! I want to study within the Royal Palace of Solomon.

  15. 1426. Katy says:

    Use your energy and resources to do some good in ths world. To try and reclaim the swastika is useless and futile. At least for a few more generations.

  16. 1425. John says:

    It’s a wonderful symbol, dancing and of wonder, with ancient roots and belongs to all of us…

    Best wishes

  17. 1424. Mathias says:

    Here in Mongolia, the Swastika is a national symobl. People are suprised to discover that it could have a negative connotation. You find in on signs, clothes, carpets, cakes, decorations, taxis, everything .

  18. 1423. Zeke says:

    This movement to “reclaim” a basic geometric figure is pointless. To hundreds of millions of people it is a shorthand for Naziism. For hundreds of millions of others, it means something else.

    Like it or not, this symbol has at least two meanings, one of which is pretty terrible, and isn’t going away any time soon, nor should it. Deal with that.

  19. 1422. M S Ganesh says:

    The real Hindu Swastika is reverse of What Nazis used. So there is nothing to reclaim as far as Hindus are concerned.

  20. 1421. Toby says:

    Hi there, I’m Toby, a journalist in AU. I’d like to talk to you about the reclamation of the swastika. Could you please email me if you’re interested in talking about it with me? Thank you.

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