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  1. 1400. James Spencer says:

    I found a photo (circa late 1800s/early 1900s) of my great grandfather (died in 1922) in a cardboard frame. On the outside of the frame (the part that folds over to protect the photo) was embossed into the cardboard a swastika. He left Germany in the mid 1800s when he was four and lived the rest of his life as an American citizen in Illinois. Is my research accurate that this was, at the time, a symbol of pride in German heritage or a symbol of good luck? I know it had nothing to do with Hitler, because it is too early. Thanks for the input.

  2. 1399. Karl says:

    The Swastika should be kept as it is a symbol of well being.
    It is not the fault of Hindu people that there was a war in Europe.
    Everyone should be able to display the symbol freely.

  3. 1398. kevin says:

    Swastika, sun sun symbol was made into a evil sign by the Hitler then the Zionists. The Zionists knew it was power and did not want people to know how to use it. The last thing the “powers” want is people and countries making free power. It would change the world balance. So it is banned. I believe you can make it out of the correct material and generate power from it as an antenna. But how can you experiment? You would be arrested nearly everywhere in the world even the US with freedom of press. As an electronics person it is the shape of the coils and iron cores in a generator and motor. I have a ham license that this shape makes a very good high gain antenna. I believe there are molecules and atoms that form in the swastika shape. There needs to be a world spiritual movement to allow it. It has always been for thousands of years a symbol of good, energy and healing. One person miss uses it and one religious group gets it banned everywhere! Tesla generated power from an antenna, but knew he could never release it without being killed.

  4. 1397. Kyle Bristow says:

    Listen, I understand its a symbol of the most peaceful religion on earth-Jainism. It really sucks but the fact is, in the western world it symbolizes hate, racism and anti semitism. Call it a twisted cross or whatever. But it looks the exact same. And racists still use it for hate. There’s no way you can “take it back” unless skin head stop using it. If I saw a bumper sticker of a swastika I’d run them off the road. Also I should mention I’m a Jew from California and have never seen a Jain. And here it meens hate not a Symbol of good fortune and peace

  5. 1396. stan423321 says:

    Keep up the good work. While, as you noticed, it is totally understandable that our world has developed a hatred for swastikas, the level of censorship of those is outrageous right now. Who knows what will be decided to censor next for whatever reason.

  6. 1395. Bryn Watkins says:

    Good job that you’re doing… the swastika is a sign of peace, and we should take it back from that Austrian con-artist.

  7. 1394. Shane Clement says:

    I first heard of the movement to reclaim the swastika, hackencruetz, hooked cross in German, when I did a presentation about the swastika for a public presentation as part of a course. It occurred to me that Hitler and the Nazis will never really be defeated until the perversion of the symbolism of the swastika is reversed and the swastika returned to its former status as a symbol of hope and renewal, not just in some countries but world wide..

  8. 1393. R.Nanjappa says:

    Religious symbols have unfortunately been misused by different groups in the past. See what the Europeans did to Natives of America in the name of Christ and Cross. Probably more millions were wiped out than the Jews by the Nazis. Can the natives ever think of the Cross as a symbol of benevolence or love? And how did Islam spread except by the sword protected by the Crescent ? We Indians who have faced Muslim threat for 800 years in India- can we ever think of it as a sign of peace or love?
    Compared to them. the Swastic symbol was misused by a mentally unstable leader on the basis of an ill-founded theory.for a short period. Now, that theory has been exploded and the leader is shown to be a mad cap.No negative thought should be attached to the Swastic as such for the doings of a mad fellow.
    Even so, it is a fact that the Jews suffered enormously- and that fairly recently. Like us Hindus, Jews have also suffered at the hands of both Muslims and Christians. We should not offend them in any manner.

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  10. 1391. yashwant arya says:

  11. 1390. Vinayak Dennis Panakal says:

    The swastic symbol is suppose to be originally Aryan. It is said that this group almost certainly came from the same mother-source in South-Western Asia as the German and Slavonic gruops. From this same center also another stream flowed south-eastwards, bifurcating so as to give rise to the Iranian group in the south and the Hindu group in the East. They’re classed together under the designation of the Aryan. The term Aryan is the name by which both the Hindu people and the Iranian people alike are spoken of in their respective scriptures, namely , in the Vedas and the Zendavesta. I beleive this symbol of Swastica is purely Arayan product.

  12. 1389. Ego Kornus says:

    Created a face book group wich is sharing photo’s comments and everything what has to do with the positive Swastika. Already more then 3000 members and more then 3 years active
    Check it out

  13. 1388. Alessandra (in India Chandra) says:

    we have a conversation in these days at my home in India (Goa) with a traditional silk weaver from the South India. i called him to promote his art and asked him to weave different designs. He made magnificient pieces and four with swastika. i was disturbed but wanted to over go my turbolence and shared with indian friends. A switzerland friend purcheased one of the woven pieces with swastika. today the weaver reache again with another piece and along with him i am roaming in intenet to find if we can reclaim the swastica using the one with the arm rotating in opposite directions. what is your suggestion? can i send you a picture of the silk pieces? shall i encourage the weaver to weave again? chandra

  14. 1387. Armand Gorospe says:

    Even though that the swastika was supposed to symbolise spiritual victory as you claim, it still leaves a scar, a reminder of what horror the Nazis and it counterparts done to more than 60 million innocent people, seeing the swastika a symbol for evil as they die.

  15. 1386. Robert says:

    The Badge of the Lotta Svard is very Smart
    with a Blue Swastika and Four Roses

    Finland has a Magnificent Swastika Heritage

  16. 1385. Andrew says:

    There were many reasons that the swastika was chosen by the Nazi party, one of which is the fact that they frequently used stylized Germanic runes for their propaganda and military insignia. If you look at the swastika with the arms rotating as they do on the Nazi flag it looks highly similar to the ancient Germanic rune for the letter “n” so they used a stylized runic “n” just s they used a stylized runic “s” to compose the SS insignia. Also in Germanic culture the swastika was not the symbol that it is portrayed to be on this site it was the ancient symbol of the god of thunder, Thor. They used all of the symbols they did to promote ancient Germanic pride, the swastika was an unfortunate casualty.

  17. 1384. Kevatha Perunthacan says:

    Swastika is a energy pattern
    Spirit in humans is the pattern that represents the connection in my ancient building design practice
    Peoples of today are not guided by spirit but gain
    The ancient tradtion expresses ancient mystery schools using the swastika for Energy transforming into matter the 5 arts of music , dance , poetry, sculpture , & architecture

    Mayan was the world teacher of this symbology going back over 15,000 years ago & traditonal architects known As Vishwakarmans create Sacred Geometry through the building & architecture of the swastika . Known as langala in the Vaastu Shastras

    Breathe into your spirit!

  18. 1383. Swatika is the real luck says:

    i agree to reclaimthe swastikabecause it was a sybmol for peace, luck, life, love and light!

    Down with the nazis!

  19. 1382. Jivadhara Dasa says:

    More details on the Svastica (swastica) The four dots on the inner part of the SVASTICA represents the four spiritual order AND the four outer joint Hyphen represents the four social order the spiritual order, namely, Brahmachari, Grehastra, Vanaprast, and Sanyasa—-and the four social order is: Brahmana, meaning Intercultural, Kshatria, Administrative/worrier class, Visha, the mercantile class, and Sudra, the laborer class.—–All are classified according to their work or occupation, as clearly explained in the Gita.

    The cast brahmans are unqualified people who later on claimed to be brahmans by birth and not by qualification

    Svastica is a sanskrit word wrongly spelt swastica.
    Sv, meaning the spirit self and astica meaning eight, the eight division of human society classified by their occupation as mentioned above. Also Aryan is a Sanskrit word and not a race of people called Aryans. Any one who attains spiritual perfection is called an Aryan. The word Aryan is an adjective—-The Europeans are the ones who fabricated the idea of an Aryan race.

  20. 1381. Jivadhara Dasa says:

    Indian spiritual culture is the most unique with the most powerful scientific philosophy.

    I was raised and educated as a diehard Christian—-In my late 20′s I curiously looked into my ancestor’s tradition and was surprised of what I found which held the answer to my many questions so much so I EMBRACED it. I am now a full fledge vishnava.

    However, regarding the Swastica, The correct spelling in sanskrit is: svasticl, sv, meaning the spiritual self and astica means eight—-the symbol means the four Varna and four Ashrama which is the VARNASHRAM DHARMA—-representing the four social and spiritual order.

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