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  1. 1420. M Krishna Chaitanya Rao says:

    Swastika used to denote that all the four varnas should work within their limits and to create the best Society without interruption in others works for personal benefits by being satisfied with everything you have and gaining satisfaction in being a part of the society by one’s knowledge. It was a very great concept introduced by our forefathers. Yes, there was no contradiction in that it was definitely INDIAN. But in the broader context, it must be used for the welfare of Mankind.

  2. 1419. Ricardo B Serrano says:

    The word Swastika is Sanskrit: swa means “higher self,” asti means “being,” and ka is a suffix. The word may be understood as “being with higher self.” It is also known as srivatsa.

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  4. 1417. me says:

    such a beautiful symbol of happiness…

  5. 1416. Paul Johnson says:

    It is true if we leave something of value and goodness in the realms of evil then the evil has eroded another part of the light.

  6. 1415. Fenil V. S. says:

    Hey guys, happy to see a website specifically made to revive the real meaning of Swastika. I, myself have searched alot about Swastika. After referring many sources, I finally found the true AUTHENTIC MEANING of Swastika. The meaning somehow just came to my mind while I was just day-dreaming! May be some cosmic source was responsible for that!

    And the day I came to know about it, I shared it on my blog! Go to this link to know the REAL MEANING of SWASTIKA. All other websites are just giving the self created and tale-told meanings. Give yourself few mins to Know the Real meaning here:

  7. 1414. Charles says:

    Everyone ranting that the symbol is purely Indian and cannot be used by anyone else needs to get their head our of their asses. it was used in ancient civilizations across the world; India is only one of the many places that have ties to the swastika. Ancient Europeans used the symbol, especially the Slavs, and Greeks. It is also, by extension used in China and Japan as Buddhist symbols (which originated from India, granted).

    But to outright say that it’s exclusively Indian and can’t be used by other cultures is nonsense.

  8. 1413. mike says:

    swastika originated in india.

  9. 1412. Eric says:

    Not a part of my own haritage, but I have often thought the swastika should be used by groups like Red Cross/Cresent. It only takes one major movement to redefine something. Now that I think of it, I recall reading about a Red Swastika Movement, in China I think.

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  11. 1410. NORTHEASTINDIAN says:

    the swastika belongs to MY people I am NORTH EAST INDIAN. if I ever find anyone white European wearing that prepare for your funeral!!!! and there is no such thing as indo-European that is whiteman’s speculation of false theories as 1. there is no proof in Europe 2. there isnt any shared linguistics with asia and Europe shared its ONLY INDIA”S iconic symbol.oh and Europe is only a 500 year word.

  12. 1409. North east indiaN says:

    nobody which is white European should be using OUR symbol that is sheer mockery and should be punishment within law.the swastika (svastika) belongs to india ONLY!

  13. 1408. Servando Gonzalez says:

    Please take a look at my new book: The Swastika and the Nazis: A Study of the Misuse of the Swastika by the Nazis, at:

  14. 1407. Dave says:

    The svastika has an esoteric meaning much deeper than the drivel of Nazism can claim attention to. Look at the Ubaid period (5300 – 4100 BCE) of Sumerian culture . . . Then let the symbol regain its significance. Ponder this . . . .

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  16. 1405. Henry D' Souza says:

    There is a link between Nazism and the Indian origins of the swastika.
    Hitler believed rightly that his ancestral home was in India, hence he sent experts to look for his ancestral home.
    German, and all European legends, are based Indian legends.
    Read Henry D’ Souza, Plato’s Atlantis is Bharat’s India, self-published.

  17. 1404. Swastika Boodhun says:


    Our world needs more positive, happy thoughts.

    Let us revere in the beauty of the “swastika”.

    Thank you for creating this website. I have exhausted arguments with the ignorant!

  18. 1403. Indian says:

    To those people who suggest that because the Swastika has been “tainted” by psychotic Europeans to the detriment of the Jews, that it can never be “reclaimed”, understand this. While only those devoid of basic humanity would disagree that what happened in WW2 was horrific, it had nothing to do with Indians and we are not going to give up a key symbol of our civilisation, which has been around for thousands of years, just to avoid hurting your sentiments.

    Such demands emerge purely from this lingering delusional superiority complex of Western civilisations and their Abrahamic religious representatives; the notion, conscious or otherwise, that their sensibilities take some kind of moral precedence over others and the rest of us must go out of our way to keep them happy whatever the cost to ourselves. Otherwise, why else is there not an equal push to ban the cross and the crescent, cultural and civilisational symbols under which countless atrocities have been committed, not least in India, which utterly DWARF those done under the debased Nazi version of the Swastika, and over a far, far longer period of time? If Indians agitated to have those symbols banned because it reminds us of Islamic brutality throughout 800 years, or Portugese atrocities under the Catholic banner, or British attempts to impose Christianity through the active subversion of Indian culture for 200 years, would such a demand be entertained for even a microsecond? On the contrary, it would be met with an even shriller demonstration of contempt than usual.

    So please can the hypocrisy. The onus is on you to respect other civilisations and their sentiments, rather than trying to forcibly prioritise your own feelings over others. You are not superior, you do not have the final say on things, and you do not have a monopoly on what is good, what it bad, and how people should live, think or behave. The swastika is here to stay so DEAL WITH IT.

  19. 1402. Stephen Taylor says:

    All my books published in English have used the term FYLFOT [aka Swastika in btackets] I have always been encouraged by the existence of your website but not sure whether you would want to have a link to mine, as it would appear to be naked commerciaism, to advertize and sell my books.
    My next project is to prepare a booklet for circulation within the EU to clarify the need to objectgively distinguisn between the Nazi swastika and all other benign uses in Jainism and beyond. Cheers!

  20. 1401. MP says:

    Used as logo by the Swedish industry company ASEA, pre 1933.
    ASEA had specialized in manufacturer of electrical generators and the swastika was the common map symbol for a water power plant. in those days.

    You can still find ASEA’s Swastika logo in elevators in old buildings here in Sweden.

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