Guidelines for Discussion Forum

Turquoise Swastika
Ornamentation on a house in Jamalpur, India. (Credit)

We welcome and value your participation in the 'Your Say' discussion forum. We understand that this is a sensitive issue and so have prepared guidelines to help the discussion stay engaging, enlightening and relevant.

Please participate only if you agree to these guidelines:

  • The purpose of this site is to educate about the universal, spiritual symbolism of the swastika and to find ways to make that education more widespread.
  • Any comments not related to the site's purpose will be considered off-topic.
  • Please respect others. No incitement to hatred will be tolerated.
  • Please discuss the issues and the opinions, without judging the individuals who raise them.
  • Rather than judging or stereotyping a particular person or group, it is more helpful to discuss their words or actions. This applies equally when discussing historical figures, religions, races or any other group.
  • Please do give relevant links to other websites, but comments that are purely promotional (e.g. repeatedly commenting with links to the same site) will be considered spam.
  • Irrelevant rants and ALL-CAPITALS SHOUTING MESSAGES will most likely be deleted.
  • Any comment that goes against the spirit of these guidelines may be deleted.
  • In severe or repeated cases, a user may be blocked from participating.
  • We hope that moderation will not be necessary! Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy the site.

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