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  1. 1380. Michael F says:

    The enduring symbol of the greatest evil visited on mankind in the past 100 years is the swastika. Irregardless of it’s history, it’s meaning, it’s other uses, the swastika was (and still is in use as) the symbol of the Nazi’s. Just as the fasces is bound to the Fascists, and the Confederate flag is tied to slavery, the swastika is burned into our social and cultural conscience as one of history’s greatest evils, Nazism. Sorry, but you have another thousand years or so before the swastika is purged of the evil it is stained with. You can blame the “uneducated”, the “unenlightened”, the “unspiritual”, whatever. It was the Nazi’s that perverted and defiled your symbol beyond repair, at least for the next several lifetimes. There are many fool’s errands out there…”rehabilitating” the swastika certainly ranks as one of the highest. Wear your swastika, wear it proudly, celebrate it’s meaning! But as long as the Nazi’s fester in our conscience, you aren’t going to change hearts and minds.

  2. 1379. Mark Salden says:

    My name is Mark Salden from Belgium, and i’m a graduating student at the Academie for fine arts and design in Maastricht (the Netherlands)
    this year i made a bookcase in the form of a swastika. i wanted to let the people know it’s NOT a symbol of hatred and nazism but love and peace. even if it is through provocation.The colors and design are inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. He was a member of Theosophy wich is a ‘modern’ version of hinduism and buddhism, a culture that today,stil uses the swastika. i got many positive, but also negative, reactions but i will stand my ground!
    best regards,
    Mark Salden

  3. 1378. Jill Sullivan says:

    I was recently given a silver swastika along with all the other members of my meditation group by our spiritual teacher, which I wear. For me it represents our spiritual journey, along our guided path back to Heaven. May we embrace the symbolism of this most sacred spiritual emblem and in doing so promote peace within ourselves and others. In choosing peace we reclaim and remember our way back Home. May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit guide us along the way.

  4. 1377. auroranorth says:

    swastika items here

  5. 1376. ikabod says:

    interesting, but we’ve seen way worse murderers and oppression than anything the Nazis could conjure up with early American history.

  6. 1375. Sophie says:

    I appreciate what you are trying to do. In the abstract, I love the concept. I love other cultures and their religions. I resent the Nazis for taking a symbol that wasn’t theirs. But, I am Jewish. My grandpa was in a concentration camp. His family died there. He still has a number tattooed on his arm. Swastikas make me feel ill, just looking at them. In my world, and the world of so many others, swastikas will never loose this meaning. I am not ignorant about it’s original meanings, it’s just too tainted for me to be able to see past. If you were in my shoes, I doubt you could see past it either. Especially as it’s still used as a sign for neo-nazis today. I’m sorry that this beautiful, ancient symbol has been corrupted, but when I see a person with one on a tattoo or a flag, all I see is death, destruction, and my grandpa’s tears.

  7. 1374. sai prasad koosam says:

    Dear Sir,
    yor website enlightens everyone and I stand by the lines where SWASTIKA is maligned by half minded persons.I have started a news cum ALL-IN-ONE webiste and a SPIRITUAL COLUMN is also designated in it.
    sai prasad

  8. 1373. Dave Ebert says:

    The link, is noe posted on my web … LL&R

  9. 1372. Robert says:

    Recently I have come across a Blue Swastika
    Sweetheart Bracelet

    Showing the Majestic Swastika in Blue and
    with Blue Stones it shows the Swastika in
    a Noble and Honourable Light which is the
    Proper Thing

  10. 1371. Robert says:

    What Recognises the Noble Swastika as a
    Symbol of Good Needs Supporting

    Swastika Forever

  11. 1370. Dave Ebert says:

    Thank-u, i’ll let you know when its posted on my Web’s Link pg… LL&R
    We need a Swastika icon button on our ‘Key-Board’… LOL

  12. 1369. Mark Lind says:

    As the ‘cycles’ continue – ‘all is well’. It’s a choice in seeing. Half the world see’s it one spin, or other, while the other half see’s it , or understands it opposite. So again, is the balance of life. For some, it’s natural, for others it is painful. Let us have a deeper seeing and understanding. The swastika (different art of China – for instance) displayed the swastika with the mind as agitated/spinning wild. The other print displays the swastika/mind at rest. May light and peace prevail!

  13. 1368. Prem says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great. Thanks for linking to the website.

    We don’t offer any banners as such. Just add a plain HTML link:

    <a href=" ">Reclaim the Swastika</a>


  14. 1367. Robert says:

    Can this Added as a Link

    Swastika Now and Forever

  15. 1366. Dave Ebert says:

    i would like to put this web on my web’s ‘Link’ page but do not see a banner or place to contact anyone for a banner. if anyone can help out, please send me an email… thank-u and ‘God Bless’…

  16. 1365. Robert says:

    I Believe in the Swastika as a Symbol of Good

  17. 1364. mohamedkonate says:

    pls i well love to be one of the merbal of the satan church
    but i have bein pray 4 meny yers naw
    but i can not fine a wey
    pls i ned help from the satan to day

  18. 1363. Robert says:

    I Agree the Swastika Must be Reclaimed
    For the Forces of Good

  19. 1362. Barney says:

    If the Nazis had used a crucifix, would we have banned them, too. We need to reclaim this symbol of good from its brief (albeit horrible) misuse so many decades ago.

  20. 1361. Robert says:

    Well Considered Comment Filipe Silva

    I Concur about the Good of the Swastika

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