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  1. 1220. rustam akram says:

    the symbol is nice, but its being used as politically .. mayawati is using in up .. morover the adevrise world is taking it .

    this symbol achived greatness through lord buddha ! the one who do not know about buddha cannot say anything true about this.

    lord buddha is great .. so is his teachings..

    accordin g to him .. 3 things on earth cannot be hidden BY ANYONE ! (NO GOVTS.. NO SPY AGENCIES.. NO PROPAGANDAS)

  2. 1219. rustam akram says:

    nice symbol

  3. 1218. Sara Nolan says:

    Hello all!!! :)

    I can understand someone wanting to ‘reclaim the swastika’ if the swastika had been an important part of their culture growing up, but i have English friends who have grown up in the UK who never had anything to do with the swastika growing up who want to reclaim it now, i don’t fully understand them?

    Why do people want to forget about the nazi’s & all their evilness? I think the swastika is a symbol that the nazi’s already claimed & it should stay as a reminder of how evil people can be, people should remember it & make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Sadly i know such evilness has happened since & it probably will continue to happen, but the swastika should be remembered of all the Jews that were murdered by the nazi’s! That should never ever be forgotten! Why would anyone want to forget such a thing? Reclaiming it would be forgetting it.

    I know all the history of the swastika, i know it was a peaceful sign before hitler started using it, but now it is not a peaceful symbol anymore, i think that it should be left that way! Its a shame, but you can’t change that part of history! There are plenty of other old peaceful symbols that people cat use.

    This is just my opinion & i hope my post is not deleted because i don’t agree with everyone. As i said if the swastika was an important part of someones culture growing up then i can understand them wanting to reclaim it & continue to use it. But in my experience the English people that i know who are wearing swastika t-shirts, patches, tattoos ect are doing it for attention & there is nothing wrong with that, we all love a bit of attention! But it really annoys me the way they ‘act’ all offended if people think their swastika symbol is a nazi symbol!!! What are people supposed to think when they see a swastika? & if these people are going to be so easily offended then why on earth are they gong out of their way to draw so much attention to them selves with a big swastika on their t-shirt? I have always dressed different & sometimes i do get attention because of it, but i don’t act all offended & shocked because people are looking at me, i smile at the people & say Hi! :)

    So this is just one opinion on the whole reclaim the swastika idea, i really feel that the swastika & the nazi’s should always be remembered, the swastika is a symbol of what we never want to happen again in this world, it won’t stop the slaughterer of more innocent people but it will remind us how evil mankind can be…………

    Thank you for reading my opinions, & if you do want to reclaim the swastika & if you wear a swastika on your cloths or tattoos ect, please don’t act silly & get offended if people think your a nazi. You fully know the reaction your going to get, so stop pretending to be surprised! For those of you nice people who explain the reclaim thing nicely to people good luck to you, you’ll be explaining it for the rest of your days, i hope its all worth it! & lastly for those of you who grew up in countries where the swastika was something important to you & your family for generations i truly wish you all the best, your families were using the swastika long before the nazi’s & its your right to continue to use it, stand up for your beliefs that are important to you & your ancestors! !

    Peace & good luck to you all! Love S. XXX

  4. 1217. DIGESTING VEDA says:

    Do you know a problem with the recent book “American Veda”. It rejoices how Dharma has been digested by Americans with the original sources made to disappear. The Tiger digesting the Deer remains the Tiger, in fact stronger, but the Deer turns into a pile of shit. This has happened to many civilizations that were also similarly “assimilated” into Christianity and the west – but they now live in museums!

  5. 1216. satya says:

    I like the Swastik symbol especially when used during Hindu festivals. Thank God the Nazis left out the red color and the dots and turned the symbol by 45 degrees. I wished they would have come out with a new symbol and left the holy Swastik alone..

  6. 1215. Number 6 says:

    symbols DO matter — otherwise corporations wouldn’t spend millions developing logos.

    a symbol is iconic and therefore elicits high emotion when displayed. think about the christian cross and the star of david. they are rallying points around which those who believe will gather and either defend their cause or go out and fight in the name of their cause.

    so, while it could be considered -just- a symbol that the nazis used…it’s not ‘just’ a symbol at all. it’s a call to arms and to go out and enforce a belief.

    therefore, in order to dispel the cause, one of the best ways would be to dilute the meaning and impact of the symbol. a metamorphosis of the symbol back into something positive and harmless would go a long way toward diffusing what’s left of the movement in current day–not to mention that there are so many people for whom the symbol already has a wonderful meaning.

    so, i’m definitely in favor of reclaiming it. good luck!

  7. 1214. jour newsome says:

    SWASTIKA SYMBOLS – For the reasons states below the following quote from a news article is almost comic: “The group said banning the swastika was equivalent to banning the cross simply because the Ku Klux Klan had used burning crosses.”

    The National Socialist German Workers Party did not call their symbol a “swastika,” they called it a Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) because it was a type of cross. German National Socialists did not call themselves “Nazis” and they used their hooked cross to represent crossed S-letters for their name: “socialists.” See the work of the symbologist Dr. Rex Curry.

    That is why the German symbol is turned 45 degrees from the horizontal and always pointed in the S-direction. GNSers had a lot of similar stylized alphabetical symbolism, for the “SS” division, the “SA,” the “NSV,” and even VW (the letters V and W combined for “volkswagen”). German National Socialists did not refer to themselves as “Nazis,” nor as “Fascists.” Some popular authors probably know that GNSers did not refer to themselves as Nazis nor Fascists, yet those authors never actually explain or emphasize the point, and that means that many Americans can read books by many popular authors and remain clueless about the fact that GNSers did not call themselves nazis nor fascists. Many people are so ignorant that they do not even know what German National Socialists actually called themselves. Many people are so ignorant that they think German National Socialists called themselves nazis and fascists, because those are the only words many Americans have ever heard or spoken in that regard in their entire lives. Many
    usenet posts are evidence of the ignorance mentioned here. That is why they never comprehend that the hakenkreuz was used as S-letters for “socialism” because they do not know what Nazis called themselves.

    In that sense, many people defame the “swastika” by using the wrong term for the German symbol and by failing to distinguish it. They are vulgus profanum.

    Anyone who wants to “save the swastika” from proposed laws to ban and criminalize its display, needs to stop defaming the swastika and start explaining that the German symbol was a hooked cross and used as S-letters for “socialism.”

  8. 1213. jonny phaze says:

    check out these rappers that are having a say in reclaiming the swastika!!!!
    most controversial thing in hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 1212. Ram avtar says:

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  10. 1211. Gosai says:

  11. 1210. Raman says:

    It is true that people are ignorant to the fact that swastika is a symbol of life, sun, power, strength, and good luck and when seeing it, they quickly consider it as a symbol of destruction and hatred. Let us try to start spreading the knowledge of what this symbol really means.

  12. 1209. namaste says:

    I for one will not let the ignorance of the masses and one Fascist undermine this ancient and powerful symbol. I have just had it put on all the doors of my house here in the EU. Never let ignorance have it’s way. Namaste.

  13. 1208. Art Kopp says:

    The swastikas all look like a grotesque mirror
    image of the true ancient symbol. That’s no
    doubt a subconscious reason many people
    are repulsed … the symbol strikes them as
    phoney. The answer to the issue at hand is
    simply to promote the true symbol instead
    of the mirror image.


  14. 1207. kris gordon says:

    Who was first to use this symbol?
    Why does it inherently mean anything?
    Hasnt anyone noticed that the nazi party rotated it, thus changing it from hindu or egyptian or chinese origins?

  15. 1206. ChristianizingBharatanatyam says:

    Use the Hindu symbols proudly on internet, social networking sites, blogs etc., Make the world know, a Billion Hindus can make a difference. Even a Million decolonized Hindus can bring a change.

  16. 1205. Chandler Isaac Klebs says:

    The false idea that the swastika is evil can only exist because people are ignorant and superstitious. It’s like saying that watermelons are evil because someone choked on a watermelon seed. I want the swastika to be appreciated as the simple balanced geometric shape that it is.

  17. 1204. Bart Nelis says:

    i agree with ray : ‘Have a “like” button to put on facebook. This will rapidly spread the knowledge. People need to be educated on things like this but don’t know their own ignorance on the subject. [...]‘

    I would join immediately and comment on it also .. it’s not because some malignant folks appropiated this powerful symbol, we should keep it in their hands. We all must open up to its original meaning, without any ! guilt.

  18. 1203. ray says:

    Have a “like” button to put on facebook. This will rapidly spread the knowledge. People need to be educated on things like this but don’t know their own ignorance on the subject. Therefore don’t think they need educated.

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  20. 1201. Ram avtar says:

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