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  1. 1120. Carrompaul says:

    I love all of this, but I had a thought tonite:
    Best is to forget HIM!
    By cayy on talling, thinking, speaking about HIM, he sstays alive. My Dad tought me this, he used to spread a rumour, but if he said it often enough it became ‘imprinted’, it became reality and people never forgot and he used it for his business.
    Oscar Wilde even sai: ‘What is worse than being talked about, Not beoing talked about’! x

  2. 1119. Roger Foley-Fogg says:

    Currently on show in Delhi, India in a group show called Racism and Reconciliation is a Lumino Kinetic Sculpture of mine called LOVE-HATE-LOVE which uses the evolution of the swastika as a metaphor for the evolution of civilisation.

    The swastika was first discovered at the time of the Hunter/Gatherers, prior to 10,000 years BC…And in particular with the Gatherers, the women, who collected vegetables for love of their family and made baskets to carry this food home…and when satisfied and fed they would have contemplated their clever technology and handiwork and easily have noticed a repeating pattern in the weft and warp or their work…a Swastika. Thus the Swastika became a symbol of ‘love’ in all old cultures around the world. Not just for the Hindus of India but for everyone.

    The symbol was perverted by the fascists of course as they mis-used a mis-reading of Darwins great book ‘On the Origin of Species’ for their own psychopathic and retrograde criminal ends.

    Note: as it was used on flags the direction of the points is not significant.

    My intention with this work was to question “why should we let a bunch of psychopathic retrograde criminals pervert a beautiful symbol?” Let us reclaim this symbol as a symbol of love, a dioneysian not apollonian symbol. Make it ecstatic not rigid, bent not straight. Let us embrace the wild wonder of chaotic Democracy and not the certain implosion of totalitarian control.

    As the great thinker PD Ouspensky writes in his great but flawed book ‘A New Model of the Universe’ – “the logical evolution of a fascist state is for it to become a termite mound”

    Racism and racist attitudes are easily explained as the traces of ancient animal territorial instincts which have long passed their ‘use by’ date and which when acted ujpon by folk with simple brains or by unscrupulous politicians are holding back the world.

    Creating devolution instead of evolution.

    This site is excellent and will help the fight to educate and inform people about the stupidity and evil of racist attitudes and the error of blaming it on the Swastika. Its you and I who need to change.

  3. 1118. Jiggle says:

    me: Hello operator 911! I have an emergency!\

    operator: What is it?

    me: The Nazis are back!

    operator: WHAT!??

    me: It is true I found them right on my computer!

    operator: Are you sure they are Nazis???!!

    me: Yes they worship the Swastika!!!!!

    operator: What is the web address??


    operator: Oh I see!

    me: Can you stop them? \

    operator: Of course! We will take care of this right away!!!

  4. 1117. CarromPaul says:

    Ha, I thought Greeks had them on their pottery?
    Anyway I suggest you ‘nicely; let the teacher that it is not illegal.
    One learned fella on here translated it from Sanskrit.
    I think it also means ‘Swas’ = Breath of Life. If rotated it becomes a ‘Chakra’ (Wheel). things were a little cruder in the old days so it is understandable that signs denoted ‘Aspects’.
    Anyway Hitler only borrowed it for 6 years and never paid any Royalties, and I hope it is time that after 66 years that the jewish and other people afflicted, maybe should try and not think about the Symbol in the wrong way? XX

  5. 1116. Allison says:

    I put a swastika on a piece I made for my pottery class and my teacher told me I had to take it off. just because the Nazi party gave it a bad name..that’s all people think about when they see it. after explaining to her that I wasn’t a Nazi and it was actualy a symbol of well being and luck she still insisted I take it off..I find this to be offensive. just because people don’t know the actual true meaning of a swastika they insist on calling me a Nazi..

  6. 1115. Swastika says:

  7. 1114. Tim says:

    The Swastika is a very old sign, first 10.000 years ago you find this in cave paintries, Coca Cola use it, in US you had postcards with it, because it is the sign of luck equal the 4 leaf shamrock. Forget about all the politics, they put us in deep depretion – think free – there are no »bad« signs only bad thinking.
    BTW the Hopi & Dine[Navajo] Mayas, Aztecs and more indigenas are using it.
    ? ? ?

  8. 1113. kurmit says:

    I would like to think that banning a symbol or a word would have to be one of the most ignorant things our society could ever do. Doesn’t it leave you wondering what else in our past we don’t know about due to the banning of symbols and or words. If we let our society be so blind to believe they have the power to erase history at will. It is our responsibility to preserve our past not erase it. To learn from our mistakes not repeat them. Look at all the lies we are told because they repeatedly show us a fact that has been rebuffed to make there will be granted by the people.

  9. 1112. MDJ says:

    Hitler was a pawn,look at the biggger picture.The hands of evil are all around us.A symbol(swastika) wont make you the best person you can be.Even though it is a symbol of hate,known in todays world.It takes work,self awareness, and good choices.We are all born with a good soul.Its what you choose to do with it is what makes you,YOU.If you want to use the symbol then do it.Only you can make the right decision.May peace be with everyone.

  10. 1111. Carrompaul says:

    I used to read Rudyard Kipling books and they used to have Swastikas on the first pages.!

  11. 1110. Pragya DB says:

    The Svastika is a holy symbol,like the Cross & just because Hitler used it (Reversed), does not make it reason enough to be banned. Infact,the Flag was designed by a Dentist (Dr.Kroner), and was chosen over several others because of it’s colour and striking appeal,it had nothing to do with the actual symbolism represented by the Swastika,which is used by Hindus,Jains and Buddhists (infact,there are differences between the Hindu and Buddhist Swastikas as well).
    My plea-Please do not ban this Ancient and Holy symbol,because of some eccentric dictator-Hitler!

    Significance in brief:

    Swastika, meaning “it is well” is the symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity, and good fortune. The four limbs of the Hindu swastika denote the Four Vedas (symbolizing auspiciousness), four goals of life (denoting prosperity), four stages of life (signifying good fortune), four directions in space (symbolizing the Divine omnipresence), four seasons (symbolizing the cyclic nature of time), and four yugas of the world-cycle (symbolizing the natural evolution of the universe).

  12. 1109. Nazerene says:

    The swastika is not a Nazi symbol. And the cross is not a kkk symbol. They were abused for evil. And what is all this Zionist crap? The protocols of Zion were a fake and this was proved. Why hate the Jewish people or anyone for that matter. We are one human race. Banning this symbol will send it underground and this will be a triumph for the racists.

  13. 1108. Facts Are-Me says:

    The swastika is an historic fact. Thus it should be freely spoken of. Otherwise, those who seek to remove any reference to it are themselves adopting a policy of oppression. Sod them all.

  14. 1107. NATIVE AMERICAN EMBASSY (Minister Priscylla ThunderWolfe) says:

    Doesn’t anyone read the rest of these comments…the entire package????

    All of this has been addressed!

    The Swastika has NEVER appeared in Greece, leat of all any of it’s vases or pottery!


    Hitkler and his Nazi’s used the GERMAN “TWISTED CROSS!”

    Greece had its own symbol, and it was NO SWASTIKA!

    The HINDU People are the only People’s in the entire world who use a SWASTIKA.

    All others merely resemble the Swastika, in general shape!

    Now: The GERMANS DID NOT “SUCCEED!” Not due to any Swastika or similar forms. Germany was a world power long before Hitler & Nazis! The produced very delicate clock-works and many other industria items, and, it is only by chance that the United States beat Germany to the punch regarding Nuclear power & weaponry!
    Germany had some of the most top-ranking doctors andf scientists in the world. Did everyone forget about Dr. Mendal?

    Somebody had better do your homework before jumping upon the Internations soapbox simply to be heard!

    ~ Priscylla Renee (Noaker) ThunderWolfe

  15. 1106. D says:

    I personally think its a piss take how people judge a symbol due to its misuse in the recent past.

    It should be allowed to be displayed openly just like the christian’s cross.

  16. 1105. LIZA tinkerbell says:


  17. 1104. nightstar80 says:

    I think that not only the symbol of the swastika needs to be reclaimed, but the word “swastika” and the word “Aryan” both need to come back to Hinduism, for they are both derived from Sanskrit. Prior to the 19th and 20th Century, the Western world had NO idea about the words “Aryan” until Europeans arrived in India and started studying Hindu scriptures. The Arya people themselves were those who only called others “Arya” or “Aryan” if they submitted to following Sanatana Dharma, which meant adhering to the varna-ashrama lifestyle practice. I don’t see ANY skinheads following Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) today.

  18. 1103. otto says:

    The germans did succed with the swastika ,just look at Germany today!success in everything they touch ,from cars,to sport to fame,from Schumachers to vettels ,from Boris to Graf ,vom Worldcup sking to Olympics ,germany is always succesfull.Go to germany morefestivals than anywhere else in the world.the old borring stigma f germans dosent fit .see they dance and sing and party for days and month as Carnival in South germany it starts at 11-11 november and goes till 1 week before easter.ect and more.yes tey succeded with the swastika and where prepared to pay the highest price for it ,to fight unbelieving communisem and europe ,see russia was antichrist under Stalin ,20 million died and it was germany who brought revange for these dead russions.And today the communist go to church thanks to the Nazis who liberated them from their believe.that there is more than Stalin ,and see,the swastika in the hands of man brought everlasting victory for germany!

  19. 1102. rakhemka says:


  20. 1101. Adam says:

    Many people still practice spiritual enlightenment with the swastika as their symbol. How would the Christians feel if we tried to ban the cross symbol? The swastika has been a symbol of peace and spirituality for an incredibly long time. The nazi regime used a facsimile of the symbol and now, millions shouldn’t use it??? I think not.
    People need to do a little reading and educate themselves before making silly decisions. I do not in any way, condone anything the nazi party did to the people of this planet, which is all the more reason to NOT let their misuse of such a widely known peaceful symbol be tarnished any longer. Thanks

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