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  1. 1140. jim says:

    I’m loving this site and i have been putting across the fight for the swastika and its genuine spiritual significance and its fasinating to see all the PC brigade jump down your throat as a nazi.
    Its time to re,establish the rightful place on the global stage of spirituial expression, recently i paid a visit to the dentist. Whilest in the waiting room a school boy was studying his home work, i noticed he was looking through symbols ands of coarse there was the swastika, and under it were the words nazi.. I interrupted his concentration and explained this interpretation was wrong and was in fact an ancient symbol revered throughout India and other religeous teachings. The fact that a regime had hijacked it for only 13 years was a mere blemish on its 3,000 year history. The look on these peoples face,s was one of utter disbelief and utter contempt. Theres whole generations that now need to be re, educated to the truth

  2. 1139. CarromPaul says:

    @ Cindy, I have just read on here it was the Germans
    who applied for the ban in 25 EU countries, but sensibly, this did not happen. We just need to stop some of these followers of Nazis to stop using it for the bad. x

  3. 1138. CarromPaul says:

    @ Cindy, I understand you, now you have seen this site, you will understand that Hitler only borrowed it for 6 years for his wrong doings. We Indians like to say, it is time that it is not banned (I think Germany for example).
    It is one of the oldest and important Peace & Life symbols in my opinion and when you rotate it it becomes the ‘Chakra’ (Wheel).
    I hope the jewish and other afflicted races from Hitler wrong doings can try and start to forget and by disassociating the Swastika a little to the Nazis would be good for the rest of us. x

  4. 1137. cindy says:

    I believe that the way the swastika was used really puts forward the meaning of murder and evil, but if like some you, who are indian, know the proper meaning then you were probably brought up knowing. I on the other hand, never knew about the swastika until I studied it in school; not knowing the real meaning, I believed that it was a hateful symbol and should never be seen. Now, knowing it’s supposed to be peaceful, I don’t mind the symbol.

  5. 1136. CarromPaul says:

    Great Syed I have them everywhere, in Rudyard Kipling books, pendants, on receipts of goods I bought in India from 23.10.1999 where it also says
    ‘Sub Ka Malik Ek’ (Everybody’s Boss is One’ x

    @ Katsa Aliena, I only knew because I am Indian and my mother always used Swastik Coconut Oil everyday (red coloured), very famous in India! x

  6. 1135. Syed Hasan Saim says:

    I’m from India, and the swastika is a symbol of my ancestors. I draw it everyday in my notebook and show it to every one. I am not shy to show my ancestry, I am very proud to an Aryan of India. A descendant of many.

  7. 1134. Katsa Aliena says:

    I’ve always thought the Nazis used the original meaning for the swastika. Guess not!

  8. 1133. CarromPaul says:

    I agree with Forelli.
    Well done!
    It is high time not to keep interfering in other’s affairs as Nato and UN do as this interference seems to be leading to far more deaths, than the problem they are interfering with!!
    (Brown Man) x

  9. 1132. forrelli says:

    There is nothing wrong with the swastika, and there was nothing wrong in what Hitler did to reunite the German people. When it came to the Jewish people, Hitler knew that he was up against a conceited race as well. Why else would they write the things that they have written in their scriptures–such as being allowed to make and break covenants or contracts with the Gentiles, but not with each other? It’s time we woke up as to the real threat concerning the white man’s existence as a species–that the Jews are not the passive little synagogue goers that they try and pass themselves off as. They own the biggest bank in the world, have a president in the federal reserve bank, and were Obama’s biggest contributers when he ran for office. They are also in charge of the NAACP–and the white man–that is myself and others like me–no longer have equal rights. I don’t hate anyone, but I do believe we need to be honest with each other as human beings–regardless of race–in order to create a world we all can live in without the threat of war. And if anyone thinks there is not a real, violent, and bloody war not already happening on American soil, then look again. And people, we haven’t seen anything yet, and if you don’t want your children fighting and dying for another race’s cause, then we need to get someone in the White House that’s going to bring our boys back home and establish their presence on the US-Mexico border. We’re only in Libbya now because the Jews want us there to fight another war for them, and while we’ve got our noses stuck where it doesn’t belong, this country has gone to hell–and that’s just what their intentions are. Hitler saw it and did what he saw had to be done. Maybe this time there won’t have to be as much bloodshed–but if you look at history, bloodshed is exactly where all this is leading to.

  10. 1131. Richard Crysler says:

    I’ve been interested in the legitimate uses and history of the Swastika foe many years. I’ve been doing some research on-line lately and stumbled across this website. How auspicious. Thanks for putting it up.

  11. 1130. CarromPaul says:

    As I have said the ‘Swas’ ‘Tika’ does not need to be reclaimed. We have it everywhere already.
    What we need is the Pain for the persons who saw it in a bad light to be removed so the ‘Swas’ can run freely! x

  12. 1129. Robin Pavitt says:

    Hello everybody. Just needed to add that the ‘Swastika’ is a part of British history too. It is to be seen in the 4th century Romano-British mosaic at Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent, England. Here it is portrayed alongside the ancient ‘Heart Symbol’ and other Sun signs. For more indepth information on the reason why these motifs are so significant to us all, please take a look at my free web site,
    regards to all, Robin

  13. 1128. CarromPaul says:

    Hellion, I think you are brave, there is not many persons I know who would make a Tattoo.

  14. 1127. CarromPaul says:

    Hellion, thanks. I do not agree it should be segregated by anyone for anything. Let everyone who wants it have it. I believe it is ‘banned’ in Germany and probably Israel.
    but as I have said, I don’t think we need to win it back, but I do believe that the people who may have banned it, should now change their decisions.

  15. 1126. Hellion says:

    1. spred the word (understanding the symbolisim is key)
    3.tatoos, clothing, advertising (u dont need to be a buddhist or spiritual to promote peace, put your swastika out there for everyone too see and get people to say somthing so u can tell them. law (no one should have the right to ban a symbol dont encourage it)
    5.context. somtimes u just have to let it go, the prince harry incident is a good example it was just a costume. after all,if the misuse of swastika is that offensive maybe u should do some reserch to its origins, buhdisim and learn tolerance.
    lets win back the worlds oldest symbol from ignorance :)
    i really like symbols but i dont have a religion i was thinking about getting the swastika tatoo’d on 1 palm and the Taijitu on the other. anyway good luck with your quest

  16. 1125. geezUZchr!$t says:

    swastika ftw lawl

  17. 1124. Silas says:

    What about banning the Swastika only outside the context of religion and eastern culture?

  18. 1123. CarromPaul says:

    Bretwals, great information.
    I do not think that we need to ‘Reclaim’ the Swastika though.
    It is ours already.
    What is really needed is the Jewish Peoples and others who were badly hurt and killed during the wars not to ‘abhor’ the Swastika Symbol itself so much. It was not the sign that did anything.

  19. 1122. Bretwalda says:

    The swastika is an ancient symbol of the Anglo-Saxons and was formerly known as the fylfot. Many ancient buriel sites have been excavated and the urns which have been discovered are inscribed with fylfots.

    The fylfot was also an ancient weapon of the god Thunor – god of protection.

    This ancient symbol needs to be recognised and certainly reclaimed from the Nazi over tone in which it has been smeared.

    Good luck in this campaign and well done to all involved.

  20. 1121. Carrompaul says:

    i.e. So let’s talk Swastika and forget HIM for the future!
    He was just temporary?! x

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