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  1. 1180. CarronmPaul says:

    @ Ram Avtar Khemka, I bow to your knowledge, but what is your facebook name? x

  2. 1179. CarromPaul says:

    @ Sagar, I thought ‘Sat’ meant together and ‘Sach’ meant truth.
    By spinning the Swastik, the ‘Four Arms’ become One = Sat
    I personally believe that it was a prediction of four major directions, then spinning to become One.
    (e.g the four major religions, Hinduism,Christianity, Judaism and Islam, although realistically I believe that Christianity and and Islam came from Judaism 0 A.D and 500 A.D. It is already well known that Buddhism is from Hinduism 500 B.C and Khalsa from Hinduism 400 years ago. So actually two older major religions. I know nothing about African or South American (Indian) religions)

  3. 1178. RAM AVTAR KHEMKA says:

    i ram avtar khemka from ludhiana,india.i have made chautisa to maha chautisa.please search on ishare,facebook as chautisa to maha will be see coloured universal truth of chautisa.

    maha chautisa is made as like sudooku type.

  4. 1177. ram avtar khemka says:

    I resarch the swastik 20 years and found that SWASTIK is a four direction therom.
    1.paper computer runs through swastik formula
    2. Swastik chakre
    3. Swastik with 16 impressions.
    4.Four Directions Therom 1022 may be solved by swasik formula.Solution will be 65536(1395Pages)

    i want to donate above things on world level.i need a partner who have promoted my inventions.if u are interested than contact me on my email id or my mob. no. +919417815551.

  5. 1176. Aryan Theag says:

    this needs a facebook page, good stuff.

  6. 1175. Bimal'or says:

    I think excellent websites such as this one, , and should also state that this symbol is also sacred to Europeans in an ancient faith context. In western europ it is the most sacred symbol within Odinism, and in the East is the most sacred symbol within Rodnovery. But, these websites only ever mention Jainism, Hinduism, etc. I would appreciate it if they also mentioned Odinism and Rodnovery. The following website gives a lot of information on the importance of the Fylfot/Swastika within Odinism: and also this facebook face:!/pages/Reclaim-Our-Banner-Fylfot-Swastika-The-Truth-About-An-Ancient-Symbol/122259467835070 There is also a new documentary coming out about this called My Swastika that wants to reclaim it. It is called My Swastika and will also focus on Odinism and Rodnovery –!/pages/My-Swastika-Official-documentary/290744544795 and the importance of it can be seen in these photos from the Kupala festival of Rodnovery Native Faith –!/media/set/?set=a.248612171833982.77536.100000556023960&type=1

  7. 1174. Sagar says:

    I am so glad to have found this site. It was only a few days ago, speaking to a Jewish couple, who said that they had seen a house with a swastika sign in it. The house was occupied by Jains/Hindus, and this is what I explained to them, along with all the other facts illustrated on this site. They seemed quite unaware of this fact, and were only associating it with Hitler.

    Swastika in Hindi is Saathiyo. I think this comes from Sat meaning truth.

    Multifaith week is coming soon in UK, and I think that it would be a good opportunity to make this fact aware.

    Good job. Jai Saathiyo!!!

  8. 1173. David Hasselhoff says:

    Hey guys knock it off. As your new Fuhrer I command you to stop wasting your time on the internet. Don’t Hassle the Hoff. Or the Jews.

  9. 1172. Derric Greene says:

    I believe that, despite the swastika’s original meaning of peace, what Adolf Hitler has done to it will tarnish its symbol and purpose for all time.

  10. 1171. Andrew says:

    I believe you are a horrible person. It is stab at the Jewish people and the Men (many of my family) who fought so hard to eradicate the fascist Nazi’s. You should be ashamed, and anybody who is so easily bought by your clumsy words aught to be ashamed too.

  11. 1170. Kristine Lockwood says:

    I have only just started my quest to reclaim the Swastika.

    I am very pleased that others have already begun to do this.

    I believe education is the key… I was so naive before I started this jouney…

    I think it is time for the reincarnation and return of the swastika…

  12. 1169. Raelian Donna Grabow says:

    Here is a great video which educates us about the ancient swastika symbol:

  13. 1168. Janet says:

    Thank you for providing this educational forum. Hopefully, those of us who choose, may now re-orientate ourselves to the purest meaning of the swastika.

  14. 1167. MK MK says:

    Ascii Swastika

  15. 1166. Prem says:

    Marshall Lentini – Huh? What on earth are you talking about?

  16. 1165. Marshall Lentini says:

    As a Jew, I have conflicting feelings on the issue.

    You are in good company then. The owner of this website is a Jew who likes to make nasty phonecalls filled with threats he can’t keep.

    Isn’t that right, Hymie boy? do you need my new number?

  17. 1164. sean king says:

    Its just ridiculous what stupid people think,yes the nazis used it but its ment for spiritual purposes and good luck. I applaud this site.

  18. 1163. Brad says:

    I noticed other commenters with The Hawaiian flag.I live on Oahu Feel free to contact me. nice to me folks with comon interests.

  19. 1162. Brad says:

    I am amazed @ the ignorance ssurrounding this symbol. I live in Hawaii and many temples are even the museum is infused with the swastika. Yet many people readily atribute the symbol to Nazis. I was looking (still am) for a ring with a simple swastika on it in chinatown(honolulu) and even a proprietor there was confused until I used the tiles on the floor to illustrate. she then said ” oh like the Nazi” the led me to the back wall to show me a wooden wall hanging with the symbol. I have recently done artwork with hitler practicing yoga calmly.with a swastika on his arm facing to the left rather than the right. I feel it will anger many. both good guys and bad guys but i feel it is a definition ove balance.

  20. 1161. AJ says:

    I think its great you are bringing this to peoples awareness. That we have been conditioned to accept this beautiful symbol as evil. It has great significance to me at the moment, I went searching for answers about its meaning as it keeps coming up in my meditations. I think its closely related to the ancient calendars which are all about whatever 2012 represents. I dont know this from fact, just a hunch. Im wondering if its supposed to guide me somehow?

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