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  1. 1200. Liz says:

    I’m really sorry, but I just….can’t look at this symbol without the awful imagery that hurts my heart so much. There is still too much pain with this. It’s not fair at all, and I sympathize with you guys :( But for me, it’s something I don’t even want to look at.

  2. 1199. ram avtar says:

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  4. 1197. ram avtar says:

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  5. 1196. Ian says:

    Sorry, but over 70 of my relatives were killed in the Holocaust. When I was young, the swastika was carved into my locker with the words “Finish him”.
    I don’t think my dead family would call it a symbol of peace and love as those who were killing them were saluting it.
    Regardless of it’s original meaning, the swastika is in continued use throughout the world as a sign of hate and intolerance.
    If you like peace and love, pick another drawing.

  6. 1195. Siv-Ingvild Thirud says:

    I agree so much, it is time that we take back the ancient symbol of light, of life, of love. I have old family things decorated with forms of swastica, for instance a gift that a young man made to his fiance more than 300 years ago!

  7. 1194. Gazelle Pezeshkmehr says:

    Swatsika is a symbol of light! It is pure, filled with wisdom and love. I will not accept that Hitler shall get away with redefining it. I am so happy to see that there are lots more than me with the same sentiment!

  8. 1193. DR.Shriharsha Sharma says:

    Swastika is as old as time and mentioned in VED ,the most ancient writings of Hindism [Sanatan dharma,or Vedic dharma].This symbole is used by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists everyday and found in books, temples, on buildins, doors, walls and widely used during festivals and chanting of Mantrasor sacred Sanskrit writings.

  9. 1192. Ram avtar khemka says:

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  10. 1191. Swastika Persaud says:

    Hi, my birth name is Swastika, while growing I hear lots of things about my name. But people should understand there is always two side of a story. The swastika is an ancient Aryan symbols respected by the Hindu, Buddhist, Jainism,Iran. The swastika symbol is used to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck. In Finland the symbols were used as a magical symbol and even During the Chinese Tang Dynasty, Empress Wu Zetian (684-704) decreed that the swastika would be used as an alternative symbol of the sun. After hearing all of this who would not be proud of the swastika. Because of the Nazis’ flag, the swastika soon became a symbol of hate, antisemitism, violence, death, and murder. But we can change that…

  11. 1190. Ari Vortrov says:

    I totally agree with the sentiments and intentions of this web site.

    Check out my blog site where you will discover my unfolding new vortrovian world vision.

    The design of ” The Vortrov Centre” and the Eco-City which surrounds it, have many symbols incorporated within them, one of which is the ancient Sun Wheel.

    See also the central swastika motif in the designs i have created to symbolically express the essence of, my new once & future world, unfolding here now.

    This symbolic material can also be viewed in the photos of my facebook page: Ari Vortrov

  12. 1189. ram avtar khemka says:

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  13. 1188. Ego Kornus says:

    Check out this blog i think it’s link worthy after an existence of over 3years everyday a photo.

  14. 1187. says:

    this is symbol of constant human development. it reminds keep on moving. dont be idle, lazy or dont move in wrong direction.

    it is said to ward off obstacles both worldly or spirtual.

    in india it is auspicious. it is used in every good occasion. from birthday to marriage. this is called symbolical ganesh.

    very nice symbol. why not use it as pendent or ring top.

  15. 1186. kojun says:

    By talking about this and sharing this topic with others will “waken” our awareness and understanding of the positive message the swastika represents. Some other people saw the “message” and took the symbol for themselves and did very bad things. That is not how this galactic symbol of peace should be remembered by man. Why were the nazi’s such great scientist and archeologist? “Answers” are found in mans deep deep history. “Merkabah”

  16. 1185. anon. says:

    free speach is constitutional law , get out of the world and back to zoo you belong in bitch.

  17. 1184. Spengler says:

    I support your cause, but I don’t understand how posting on a message board will help us reclaim the swastika. Maybe you should take Julia’s advice and start selling T-shirts or something.

  18. 1183. CarromPaul says:

    @ Andrew, Maybe you have heard the words:

    There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.
    I think you are ‘fuelling’ the fascists by repeatedly talking about them. x

  19. 1182. CarromPaul says:

    @ David Hasselhoff.
    I don’t think anyone is hassling the Jews, but they remember the Swastika, more than the Nazis and the Killings sometimes! x

  20. 1181. CarromPaul says:

    Richard the III (LionHeart) used the Red Cross as a symbol for all the killings on Crusades, it seems nobody bothered to ban it ???

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