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  1. 140. prince says:

    Thanks Anonymous for your insight regarding the orientation of swastik.
    Yes I’m also waiting for some knowledgable Buddhist to throw some light on this.Buddhism being a very scientific & practical religion must have an answer to the ill effects of reverse swastik as mentioned in this site (click on Symbolism).


  2. 139. Anonymous says:

    Hi Prince, thanks for your question about the correct orientation of the swastika. Both vedic (Hindu) and Tantric tradition have the swastika moving anti-clockwise – means the tails are falling behind as if it were moving in the anti-clockwise direction – as it has been represented on this website.

    But, yes, you are correct, Buddhism seem to use both directions indiscriminantly. In this sense it does not conform to Tantric tradition at all. It would be interesting to hear from any knowledgable Buddhists on this point.

  3. 138. Prince says:

    Hi Every one.

    I had a question relating to the correct orientation of swastika.According to the Hindu mythology,clockwise orientation is correct but I have seen left orientation in all buddhist images.Which one is correct

    Kindly help me out

  4. 137. Tinny Ray says:

    Your website is fascinating as well as your effort to examine the historic meanings of the symbol. You are correct not to engage in any denial or disregard for the incredible suffering of countless people in WW2.
    Rather, your website highlights how far the meaning of the swastika symbol has changed from those anti-human acts. It is also interesting to note the evidence that the symbol in Germany was not called a swastika but was called a “Hakenkreuz” and that it was turned 45 degrees to the horizontal and always pointed clockwise under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis). Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, the historian Dr. Rex Curry showed that it was also used sometimes by German National Socialists as alphabetic symbolism, including meshed “S” letters for their “socialism.”

    Hitler altered his own signature to use the same stylized “S” letter for “socialist” and similar alphabetic symbolism was used in the SS division, on the Trabant car, and similar stylized lettering still shows on Volkswagens.

    So in that sense it was a “different” symbol as it had been deliberately changed in Germany.

  5. 136. Premasagar says:

    Bernt, you are right that this website is here to bring back the true meaning of a good symbol. But there is nowhere here any denial or disregard for the incredible suffering of countless people in WW2.

    Rather, this website is here to highlight how far from the true meaning of the swastika those anti-human acts were. Jack, I’m sorry if you find that a dumb idea!

  6. 135. Bernt says:

    Your obvious one of the millions influenced by propaganda and lies about atrocities committed against a certain people in order to blackmail and gain world power.
    The web page is here to invigorate an old symbol of good fortune used by numerous civilization..

  7. 134. Jack says:

    This website is dumb what happened in world war 2 was cruel and unusual

  8. 133. Ping Pong says:

    Brent there are a lot of Zionist in this world I might state that I am uneducated what I mean by that is I have never taken on board the education system in this country and did so by choice to educate myself and in doing so have studied most religions of the world or should I say have bumped into most along the way while travelling you must separate yourself from being influenced by others deep down we all know what is good and what is bad and do not need anyone else to tell us anything different so see the Fylfot as a good and bad symbol the secret is balance you must have balance to much of a good thing is bad for you just as to much of a bad thing is bad for you if everyone understood the Fylfot there would be balance unfortunately greed in this day and age is the main contender in the ring and this is what has forge us forward over the centuries soon to be no more

  9. 132. Bernt says:

    Estonian ban on Swastika is completely stupid, the real terrorist symbol that should be banned is the Star of David used by the Zionist state of Israel.

  10. 131. Ping Pong says:

    I would like to say at this point that I am a self educated man and I would like to apologize for any spelling mistakes and grammar
    In the following months I shall show the world a
    different angle to the Fylfot I have been studying
    this symbol for over 40 years now and shall be
    bringing forth an explanation and a greater understanding of the symbol
    I have travelled the world and collected almost everything to do with the symbol regarding its history and how it is involved in everything all the way down to a blade of grass
    Not bad for a person with no education

  11. 130. Ping Pong says:

    The Estonian government on Thursday approved a change to the penal code that would ban the display of Soviet and Nazi symbols and flags, saying the hammer and sickle and swastika both incite hatred.

    Both the Nazi and Soviet regimes occupied Estonia at various times from 1941 to 1991, leaving bitter memories behind.

    We must not let this ignorance snowball the goverments of this planit need to understand
    the long term effect of such a move i dont have to explain myself as the symbol itself has a live of its own and is taking all the necessary steps to correct all that is wrong in this world people should understand the symbol does not represent evil in anyway or form the symbol points the finger at evil
    there is no excape no ware to run no ware to hide

  12. 129. jyotirmaya says:

    Dada Ravi,

    I liked your post on how the swastikA can symbolise not only the creation but also the dynamic movement towards the supreme goal of all entities within the creation.

    I wonder how this symbol came into being. Did those ancient rsiis see this symbol with their inner eye, in the same way that perhaps a developed mind might see the shapes or colors associated with a cakra in deep meditation? Did this symbol exist in the ethersphere long before the Rg veda as a tool to guide spiritual aspirants?

    Or perhaps those yogiis invented the symbol themselves and infused it with a great significance.

    It is true, sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words.

  13. 128. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi Paula! Great to hear that you share our aspirations to Reclaim the Swastika! All the best with your “myspace” swastika project. Try to connect, also, with the spiritual significance of the swastika. Mission on!

  14. 127. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks again for expression your thoughts regarding the significance of the swastika’s symbolism. I would like now to respond to your use of the word “signpost” in relation to the swastika. You wrote that you mean signpost as “something that points us to our true self- the divine, not something that “symbolizes” the “creation”. Nice idea. I would suggest that there is a relatonship between one’s true self, the Supreme, and the Creation.

    As i mentioned earlier, in ancient yogic culture the swastika was precisely a representation of the the Supreme Being and the creation. As i have already written, in the yogic concept the horizontal line represents Shiva (Supreme Consciousness), and the vertical intersecting line represents Shakti (the “Operative principle” that qualifies Consciousness – as i already wrote, the two together constitute the Supreme Being – they are one – two different aspects of the same One Entity – like two sides of one sheet of paper.

    Now, the swastika goes further – the ancient yogii seers having realised that the Supreme Entity is the composite of Consciousness and that which qualifies consciousness, also had the realisation that the universe – the creation – was real – was truth – (at least in a “relative” sense – the Supreme being was truth in an absolute sense) – sought to depict that in the swastika symbolically by adding the arms. This represents movement – the universe is moving – everything within the creation is moving, nothing is static.

    Now, this tells us another truth, namely, that the creation is inexorably connected to the Supreme – in fact, is the expression of the Supreme – technically, is the “thought projection” of the Supreme Being – that is, this entire creation is internal to the Supreme Entity. The direction of the movement of the creation is towards increasing levels of subtlety – from inanimate forms to animate life forms, and, then, at a very developed point in that cycle, we attain human life itself. Up until this point our movement is uni-directional – centripetal – towards higher levels of subtlety. According to yoga science, that uni-directional movement changes when the transmigrating soul enters a human life form. Due to it’s developed brain, nervous and endocrine systems the “self-reflecting” human consciousness possesses conscience and discriminating faculty. That is to say, we know what is right and what is wrong.

    With those expanded faculties come a new responsibility – responsibility for one’s actions – namely, human beings now fall under the law of karma – for every action (we commit) there is a reaction (that we are to experience). We carry these “reactions in potential” with us – waiting until suitable conditions are met for their expression. These reactions to past actions that we carry awaiting expression, are called “samskara” in yoga science. This concept of samskara is very useful for human beings. I recommend that all those interested enquire further on this point.

    Now, if we happen to lose our physical base (that is, our human body dies) before expressing those samskaras (reactions), no problem, we take them all with us into our next “incarnation”. The “cosmic mind” kindly provides us with another suitable body for those reactions to be expressed. Depending on the relative subtlety or crudity of those reactions we get a requisite body. Incidentally, that may or may not be a human body.

    It might be added, however, that a human body has certain advantages, namely, the possibility to move consciously and in an accelerated speed in this centripetal cosmic movement back to the Supreme. Whats so great about transcending the creation and merging back into the Supreme? Let us just say, that that, as the yoga story goes, is ultimately what we all want – as the river seeks out the ocean, so we all, as divine beings seek out the Supreme, to be one in that state of Ananda – infinite, ecstatic Bliss!

    To let this happen, the realised yogiis developed the various yoga practices – physical, psychic and psycho-spiritual practices that when followed sincerely lead to spiritual liberation. And that attainment of spiritual liberation we may call Spiritual Victory, the very meaning of our dear swastika!

  15. 126. Paula says:

    I have recently developed an interest in reclaiming the swastika as I have found I have an appreciation for good luck symbols and such and have begun efforts to start a site on the most widely used site of them all, myspace. There I plan to give as much information with as many links as possible to site stating the truth about the symbol. I also believe it’s unfair that other religions are looked down upon for their use of the symbol. It’s unfair in numerous ways and i love the truth. So thank you for telling the truth and attemtimg to reclaim the purity, if you will, of the svastika.

  16. 125. Bernt says:

    For you out there looking for answers try this link

  17. 124. Bernt says:

    Fully agree with Kalki, the Swastika is a powerful symbol and should be used with conduit. Certain people have due to unlimited greed and hunger for world dominance been able to put a limitation to the use.
    Around the world the Swastika has different shape, to the Germanic people it is the Sun Wheel that has a religious meaning. The Vikings used the Swastika as well as the Sun wheel, they both have the same powerful meaning.

    The Swastika will again be symbol of religion and freedom from oppression and explotation

  18. 123. Kalki Avatar says:

    Dear Internet Visitors,

    Subject: Why do you discriminate Swastik and Hitler? :: Open :: Read Chapter 3

    I am Owner of, I spent nearly 4 years to develop this website. I have been seeing discrimination of Blacks, Swastik and Hitler for last 10 years. At last I want to disclose some secretes of Swastik and Hitler. Definition of Swastik is Lord Vishnu’s Vishnu Chakra, It is not SWASTIK_A but it is SWASTIK. Character A shouldn’t be there at the end of SWASTIK, OK. Well, Regarding Hitler? He was Prophet “King Of Jews”. Hitler didn’t kill 6 Million Jews but far less then 6 Million. Hitler did Jews Holocaust drama to scare Jews to leave from Europe to God Promised Land Jerusalem (Israel). Holy Book Bible clearly says that Jerusalem (Israel) is the homeland for Jews. If Hitler didn’t do Holocaust drama Jews wouldn’t have got God Promised Land Jerusalem (Israel). So if you want more details read chapter 3 in Remember don’t misuse this website. I am Hindu, I read all Holy Books, I am from India and I am Black man. Ok. Note: Hitler didn’t die in Bunker..

    Thanking you Internet Visitors,
    Kalki Avatar

  19. 122. Anonymous says:

    Hello Dada,

    I valued your response to my post, and I am responding again with love to you.

    It is not my intention to debate semantics, (or to debate at all) for the words themselves are not important unless they have become “conditioned mind responses”. If the (your) truth underlies the words the words matter little unless they have become so misused that their use is not helpful (the use of the word “God” for example). It is useful to examine what we say and “believe” from time to time, only if to ensure that it is still in accord up with what we “know” to be true.

    By using the term “signpost” I mean something that points us to our true self- the divine, not something that “symbolizes” the “creation”. A swastika (or any other symbol) could not in anyway “symbolise (?) the creation itself and how it works” or “explain the very nature of the Supreme Being”. How could a mere symbol “explain” the nature of the divine.

    Any word (or thought) cannot of course really describe the “isness”/divine/Dao/consciousness. You can only know (be) it, and any attempt to use words to describe it cannot work, because then it becomes form (or thought). The human mind cannot possibly understand or describe the divine, rather the aware self simply knows it (or is it) by becoming aware of itself (awareness becoming aware of itself). You see, words really are hopeless and ultimately misleading. By trying to describe nothingness (no thought), space, emptiness (the term preferred by Buddhists) consciousness, the divine, you give form to something which has no form (the unmanifested).

    The word “being” as in “supreme being” also implies some kind of form or “person”.

    The problem with any kind of “system” for self realisation, yogic or otherwise is that there comes a point when you must leave it behind, because it becomes between you and your recognition of your true self. “Systems give the egoic self “time” to become enlightened. Belief in the future makes the mind feel secure, but doesn’t help us to be present or “in the moment”. The divine can only be known in the present, not in the future for the future is an illusion, it does not exist. Systems are also very good at making a “person” feel special, and that specialness feeds the egoic self or mind construed self. Attachment to a system is attachment.

    You quote as “cosmic law(!)” – “as you think so you become”. Yes, for when you think nothing you become nothing – the mind disappears and you are the awareness, the space, the emptiness. The realized being knows that he/she is nobody. There is not a “person” there any more, just awareness. The “person” is the mind made self, the mind identified self. The mind is a useful tool when you watch it, and are not identified with it.

    The ancient yogis tended not to engage with “the world” once they awakened. To simply sit in the bliss of being would be wonderful but also unlikely to be very possible in Western culture today. Our mental asylums surely must hold such people. To become conscious more deeply, to live as consciousness manifested it is our destiny to live with one foot in the formless and one foot in the world of form. It is much harder to stay conscious/awake/present while interacting deeply with the world yet humanity needs to attain this. It seems unlikely that the planet can sustain unconscious humans for too much longer anyway.

    Yours, Sarah

  20. 121. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi Sarah,
    thanks for your comment. I agree with you that a symbol such as the swastika is indeed a signpost – a signpost – i was suggesting – that symbolises the creation itself and how it works – which puts it in rather a different category than other signposts!

    In terms of the reference to meditation which i think you are picking up on in your reply, i do not mean to imply meditating on the swastika. Not at all! The connection i want to make between meditation and the swastika is simply that an authentic system of meditation expands the mind – allowing access to the intuitional layers of mind, where, i would suggest, the real significance of the swastika can be experienced. I personally believe that it is a powerful, mysterious and mystical symbol that is intimately tied to the evolution of human civilisation on this planet.

    However, I do not advocate meditating on the swastika. It was interesting your suggestion that meditating on nature or “no thought” at all would be more productive.

    Speaking from the point of view of yoga science – it was held by the ancient yogiis that “As you think, so you become”. This was considered to be a cosmic law. The question as to what one wants to “become” they had already answered – one with the Supreme Entity. The entire creation – with all it’s myriad expressions of animate and inanimate beings – are all on one and the same journey – to return back to where everything came from – the Supreme Consciousness. So, applying the cosmic law, “As you think, so you become”, then there is only One thing on which to meditate.

    That, in my understanding, is the very key to yoga. And, the interesting thing is that all of this is contained in the swastika itself – this cosmic “signpost” – a signpost that explains the very nature of the Supreme Being, assures us of the dynamic, intelligent movement of the creation (as metamorphosed Consciousness), and then, in our human struggle to move from crudity to subtlety, guarantees us “spiritual victory”!

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