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  1. 80. Devendra says:

    In Indian subcontinent & East Asia, the positive Swastika is a holy symbol. For the common people there, it conveys the meaning of peace, progress & good wishes for all.
    __| |

    Nazi symbol is different from the positive Swastika. It is bent at an angle & is reverse in orientation. Heavens!! Nazis also used clothes to wear. Does it mean we stop wearing clothes??!! Ridiculous.

  2. 79. I Tichy says:

    It should be simple — and I’m actually surprised that it’s not noted in the main site. The Nazis altered the traditional swastika by displaying it at a 45 degree angle. (i.e. so that angles point directly up,down,r,l, instead of the flat sides of the figure doing so.) If one displays a swastika that way it’s Nazistic, because anyone interested enough in the symbolism to want to display the figure for other reasons will display it correctly.

  3. 78. Toby says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of a swastika on my forearm for years as I’ve always been very moved by its historical significance as an emblem for unity and good luck. Unfortunately because of the association with Nazism I’ve always been too afraid. It’s really sickening that it would immediately be misunderstood and would lead 99% of the population to view me as some kind of devotee to Hitler’s ideals. Hopefully in the future the true meaning of the symbol can be reclaimed.

  4. 77. lookingglass says:

    I know there’s no talk of Jesus here but the way you all talk I thought I was on a fanatical Christian site for a bit.
    I don’t know, something to consider I guess. :)

  5. 76. lookingglass says:

    “By the way, my KARMA ran over YOUR dogma” *cough* sounds like a slogan

  6. 75. Lalita says:

    Rather than making negative comments about the misuse of the swastikana I think it behooves us to put away the anger at the wrong and focus positive energy on the right and the informing people of the symbol’s true meaning. As an Anglo Hindu I did a great deal of soul-searching when I found an Om pendant that I fell in love with – a white gold diamond Om on a yellow gold Swastikana. As an Anglo woman in Georgia I am sure that it is bound to raise questions, but no matter what else I looked at my conscience drew me back to this piece. God will direct and guide me when I wear it, I will simply do what I am meant to do\, which hopefully will be to let people know that it is a sign of peace and good fortune.

    To “other side of the coin” – If you knew anything at all about Hinduism you would know that there is no race of gods, there is one God, Brahman, and there are avatar representations of Brahman – much like Moses and the burning bush or Ezekiel and the wheel. One does not look on the face of God, nor hear the voice of God, though God may show himself in other forms. Most importantly, not everyone here is Indian, but you appear to be far too narrow-minded to see past your own intolerance. I must say this though – correct grammar, punctuation and spelling will make people take your posts more seriously, they show that you appreciate the education you have received and have taken the time to proofread your post to be sure that even when posting in anger, hostility or frustration you still take some pride in how you present yourself.

    By the way, my KARMA ran over YOUR dogma :)

    Om Shanti!

  7. 74. Heinrich says:

    The Swastika is a beautiful symbol! I’m glad the Fuhrer chose it! Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler!

  8. 73. stefan says:

    hitler is an asshole. he destroyed the true meaning of a lucky and beutiful symbol. now you have a swastica hanging over your doorway and people think you are a nazi! this is bullshit! my ajah had a swastica on his left arm before the war and none cared- if he were still alive he would havee killed the idiots that were offended by the symbol!

  9. 72. whitters says:

    Just get over it i mean it was not the symbol who killed 6 million jew’s but the nazi’s , no matter how long you keep this site going for the swastika will always belong to hitler in most poeple’s eye’s .

  10. 71. jyotirmaya says:

    other side of the coin….
    I know that this site is not run by any Hindu religion and , knowing the people that do run it personally, I can tell you they are not of Indian origin.

    The swastika is the emblem of universalists throughout the world, it does not stand beside any ism or narrow sentiment.

  11. 70. jack says:

    Hitler can burn in hell for what he did to the swastika

    IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 69. Dizzy says:

    I read somewhere in the teachings of Hopi Indians of the Americas, the four corners beliefs, when man went out unto the four corners of the world, some turned left and thought with their brains and some turned right and thought with their hearts.
    This represents the swastikas duality for them, people who turn to the right think with their hearts, it does not allways work that way with politics but with spiritual beliefs it can.

  13. 68. other side of the coin says:

    One last thing from me. I see why you Indians can’t help but be a corrupting force yourselves: you claim the swastika as a relgious symbol. Your dogma and “holier than thou” attitude makes you no better than any Christian, Muslem, Jew, or state worshiper out there. You already debase yoursleves and all humans by puting a race of gods above everything, so why not corrupt the swastika too by associating it with you ethnocentric, esoteric, dogmatic religious system. Hell, if you ask me religion itself is probably the handiest tool of any vile corruptor, no matter what the subject.

  14. 67. other side of the coin says:

    Goddamn. I finished reading most of the stuff here and I’m reeling. Like I always encounter in such forums, none of you are DISCUSSING anything. You’re all pretty much assuming yourselves individually as experts and that your narrow opinion or collection of knowledge is THE answer. No one is listening to anyone else. Everyone is preaching to everyone else. If you’d come together you might be able to piece together a more complete, wider picture. And you fucking Hindus need to get off your high fucking horse. The swastika is not EXCLUSIVELY yours and it didn’t ORGININATE WITH YOU. The swastika, as I’m sure level headed people will agree, orginated with all people who have ever used it. In every hemisphere, in every corner enhabited by Homo sapiens sapiens the swastika has been used at some time, by some culture, for some purpose. If you want to talk about how you feel about the symbol, fine. But if you want to know its history and understand its legacy then you have to detatch yourselves and actually study the peoples who have known it. There isn’t one origin. No one people can claim it exclusively. You want to “reclaim” the swastika. I think you should relinquish it instead. People like most here on this site are the ones who have and continue to corrupt the swastika, but not just that: everything you claim. Your historical hypocracy is the great corruptor, not racists, not “nazis”, but you who try to claim things as your own that have a heritage that you’ll never take the time to fully, truely understand

  15. 66. other side of the coin says:

    The revolutionaries of European National Socialism did not corrupt the swastika. Think about it. What was the point of their selection of the swastika? To emphasize a unique Germanic and ultimatly European identity that reaches to our pre-Christian heritage while it strives for a new future. Who corrupted the swastika? Not “Nazis” but the modernists, the democrats, the communists, those Jews we all feel oh so sorry for now. Nationalist Germany committed “atrocities” against a system it was trying to overcome and step out beyond for the sake of all of Europe’s future. Of course the allies and Jews hate them. No one can deny that the National Socialists were a deadly threat and remain one to this constitutionalist, globalist system we had and still have. But the German Revolutionaries saw a mortal threat in the very system we are all enslaved by now. Lets use a little cultural relativism and historiocity when considering the actions and intents of National Socialism. Germany was trying to reclaim an authentic indentity and destiny from a dehumanized international system reaking of leftover romantics, hypocritical modernists, and as we have now nihilistic post modernists and pathetic humanitarians who would sooner bludgeon they’re own folk to protect a people they’ve never met across the globe. This renaissance Germany reclaimed its identity. It didn’t corrupt the swastika. The liars of the globalist democrats, communists, and Judeo-Christians have tarnished the regal swastika.

  16. 65. dark420bishop says:

    I think it’s great to see a site trying to educate people as to the noble origins of the swastika. You know, the swastika isn’t the only thing Hilter ruined for future generations, what about the mustache? How many of those do you see around anymore?

  17. 64. Holy Crow says:

    Swatikas rock! I have one tattooed on my face, and everyone thinks I am really cool at my day centre.

    There is a stigma on the swastika, like with mental illness, but I love both, make the most of life!

  18. 63. henry says:

    shut up and leave the past alone it’s stupid to recalect on the bad time’s in the past. i hate nazi’s to but just shut up

  19. 62. Melissa says:

    Hi I just love the Swastika and want to tattoo a big one on my back, I was wonderring if anybody can help me with a design which doesnt directly show that it’s a swastika. Maybe you could help me .

    Swastika for winners


  20. 61. Niila Keshava says:

    God is an expert at drama (liila). When the dust settles the truth remains. It is a short hand for “Brahma is the composite of conciousness and energy, i.e., Shiva and Shakti. Jai!

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