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  1. 180. mahadew says:

    well this is a very good website i think it should be promoted, that is the thing this site is lacking!!!

  2. 179. lhagon says:

    Hi there! I see no-one picked up on the subject of my posting and I see your presentation on the meaning of swastika in the Symbolism remains unchanged. There you have:

    “He then went on to warn those present not to use the negative swastika, explaining that it brings total annihilation, while the positive swastika brings total victory.”

    The scholar you quote does not possess the complete knowledge about the symbolism of swastika and pushes the limited interpretation based on his religious belief as if it was theuniversal truth. That is clearly unacceptable.

    As i said in the previous posting anti clock-wise turning swastika is a very positive symbol in such religions as Yungdrung Bon of Tibet, Shinto of Japan and Daoism of China as well as in Chinese Buddhism. The phjoto from the Chinese temple with the swastika design in the window you show in the Photos is actually taken from inside. If you look at that swastika from outside it turns anti clock-wise. You can see anti clock-wise turning swastika on the chests of countless Buddha statues in China and Japan. No-one can say that that is negative!

    Secondly, if the positive direction of rotation of swastika was so fixed then how was it possible that it served as the symbol of destruction taken over by the Nazis? Why didn’t they use anti clock-wise version of swastika?

    ‘Negative’ and ‘positive’ are relative categories and easily change depending on cultural, religious and historical context. So I suggest that whoever is responsible for the presentation on this site keeps an open mind and updates the presentation on symbolism which is one sided and thus untrue. If you need more information on what I said just type Yungdrung Bon in your browser or check Daoist, Shinto and Chinese Buddhist sites.

    If you continue keeping your presentation as it is and all your claims of being open and dedicated to the rehabilitation of the swastika will remain just a hot air as you will be effectively disseminating one-sided , biased and ultimately false information, which will lead peopl to develop wrong ideas about this ancient symbol.

    All the best toall!

    Om swasti!


  3. 178. Roshnii says:

    I have a couple of points I wish to make regarding the return of the EU’s threat to ban the swastika.

    Firstly, I think that banning the symbol in the hope to end a chapter in history and weaken the neo-nazi movement could possibly have the reverse effect.
    By banning the symbol the EU is giving it a certain status: implying that the neo-nazi movement is
    something to be feared and thus turning the activists into rebels and revolutionaries.

    Wouldn’t it be a bolder step to say that we will not let those few pages in history blacken the future; that we can reinstate the positive power and significance that the swastika has held for many thousands of years?

    Secondly, while I have been aware of the spiritual symbolism of the swastika for a few years, it was while I was helping with the content for this website that I began to explore the history of its symbolism in more depth.

    It was through this exploration and contemplation of the swastika that I came to a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the swastika as a purely spiritual symbol, beyond any social or historical context.

    In my opinion, an EU decision to ban the swastika would be based on fear and ignorance, which are the exact sentiments that the swastika, in its original usage, can help us to break through.

  4. 177. Bharat says:

    adding on…

    stop calling hitler’s emblem swastika. he himself called it Hakenkreuz, literally a hook cross. those of you who don’t, check out the symbol. ban the hakenkreuz!! i fully support that.

    finally, the people of Israel need to understand the statute of limitations. this issue is about 60yrs old. get over it.

    the people of india have long got over it’s numerous conquerors. and “recently” the britts.

  5. 176. Bharat says:

    ban the cross too. the KKK used a burning cross. and the KKK represents racism.

  6. 175. lhagon says:

    Hello to all! i was very glad to see that people are fighting to preserve the use of swastika as a religious symbol of good in the EU. However, I must point out that in your representation on Symbolism you broadcast a grave misinterpretation of the meaning of the swastika which turns anti clock-wise which will mislead people and further contribute to demonisation of this powerful and extremely ancient symbol. Contrary to what you claim in the Symbolism anti clock-wise swastika doesn’t mean evil at all! In ancient tradition of Yungdrung Bon of Tibet it is a symbol of Eternal Light – the state of Buddha and is called Yungdrung. Yungdrung Bon was preached by the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab Miwo in Central Asia 18.000 years ago before the Indian Buddha Shakyamuni appeared on this earth. In the context of Yungdrung Bon the swastika turning clock-wise represent the solar movement and general direction of this material world. Swastika turning anti clock-wise represent reversal of this movement and return to the source – Natural State from which all creation sprang. So, you see, there is nothing sinister or negative about that! Chinese Daoism, Japanese Shinto and many other ancient religions use anti clock-wise rotating swastika in the same sense. So, in fact, this anti clock-wise direction of rotation of the swastika bears and extremely positive meaning from the times immemorable. Therefore, if you really wish to put your cause right I strongly suggest that you update your presenation on symbolism of swastika and keep an open mind! I could go on and on but I think this will suffice for now.

    Good Luck to everyone!

    Om Swasti!


  7. 174. Bernt says:


    Should the US flag be banned because your president Bush has committed atrocities in Iraq?

  8. 173. DM says:

    Banning the right of 800 million Hindus in the world to use their religious symbol? Why?? Just because India is a poor nation and still under represented on the world stage. West must understand that the tide is changing. Go visit China and see the new world – if you think Japan is different. India will overtake US as the 2nd biggest economy by 2050 ( refer Morgan Stanley’s 2007 report).
    Did one ever think of banning the use of a Cross? Has it not been used by the KKK, the crusaders…and above all the romans who cricified Jesus?
    Wake up west. Stop calling 1, 2, 3 as Arabic numbers. They were invented by India – so correct your self. Stop saying Indians to Native Americans. Indians are from India. Grow up.

  9. 172. tim says:

    The importance of this symbol is stained eternally by its use in Nazi Germany…and it needs to die with them. I am not Jewish (American of Irish extraction). Incredible how just a little over one generation later, a new generation should postulate such a travesty. It would not hurt us or this planet to ban this symbol forever and a day because of who and what tainted it…and how they tainted it. If they had used a crucufix as their symbol, I would be just as adamant about banning that. As it is, when I see those little fish symbols on a Hummer or giant SUV, it is all I can do to stop myself from ramming them from behind. I know almost exactly who and what will be driving them. Symbols can and will be and are misused and thereby destroyed and made inviable and/or meaningless (or have their meaning made into everlasting horrors!). The Nazis made this one into something it shall forever be from now on, and there is no retreat and no forgetting, as far as I can see forever! (One man’s strong opinion)

  10. 171. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi Maus,
    thanks for your email where you give an Israeli perspective of the swastika. I agree that Naziism was a stain on the page of human history, and that many ongoing questions arise out of that brutal chapter – such as, how easy it is for otherwise good people to accept and follow authority figures even as they perpetuate evil acts. This is going on now all of the world – not only in governments, but in corporations, businesses, organisations of all sizes, even families. These are the big, perennial lessons that human beings – individual humans – need to confront and deal with. We are on a steep learning curve as a civilisation.

    Still, we need to be careful in recognising the expression of one form of evil, we don’t – in our reaction – end up perpetuating another type of evil. This is another big lesson all of us have to confront daily. “Dogma” is such an evil – it imposes a rigid boundary line on the mind and declares: “no one can pass beyond that boundary”. This, too, has brought untold suffering to humanity in the past, and is still doing so today. As many have expressed on this website, the swastika symbol does not belong to naziis – nor even Hindus. It belongs to humanity, and in it’s essence is a symbol of hope and goodness with a long, ancient history. It is tempting on account of it’s abuse last century to try to remove the symbol from the face of the earth, but this could be compared to throwing out the baby with the bath water. Moreover, will that really solve the problem?

    The real problem was naziism – which is itself simply the outward form of human defects that were allowed to run riot. Hence, there are two parts:
    1. negative human propensities (defects) and
    2. social governance that allowed those human defects to amplify, organise and seize a nation.
    The lesson of that cruel chapter in human history is to show us the dire need to make progress in both those parts. This is not an impossible task.

    As regards part 1, these defects in human beings can be confronted, worked with, channelised and sublimated – our societies are doing this constantly in respect of certain perceived defects. Many other defects – negative human propensities – are still yet to be recognised (though all are knowable, indeed, known if we were to look to the combined wisdom of all our human cultures), so these things are allowed to go on, amplify and, even, seize hold of a whole society.

    Part 2, concerns our approach to government. This also needs to undergo a much fuller process of development. Viewed overall, there is some progress in this regard – but it is still, not enough. I use the example of Rwanda – another genocide campaign, another blight on human history. The United Nations were hopelessly under-resourced to deal with that situation, and the powerful nations – serving their own narrow agendas – refused to give support. The Dafur crisis in west Sudan is another case in point, as is the US and British invasion of the Middle East. The list goes on.

    The fact is, these exploitative regimes, based on defective ideologies will not, in the long run survive. Humanity is evolving, and will continue to do so. We can all be part of that incessant struggle to build the new humanity.

    It is inspiring to see that you are confronting dogma in your own life in your working and socialising with Arab people. This is a good thing. This is how ordinary, good human beings will, in the end, change this world.


  11. 170. Bernt says:

    Ghanashyam Master
    Is the Nordic Sun Wheel the same as the Swastika or a complete different symbol?
    Your comments about the Jews imposing their systems on others is correct, but unfortunately it has already happened and are increasing.
    Their economic system is already holding all the world economies as hostage, under the swastika we can free the world from this evil.

  12. 169. Ghanashyam Master says:

    Dear Friends,
    The world over agrees that what happened to the Jews in the short years was a terrible terrible period in human history.
    The Jews should understand that the Swastika belongs to Hindus not to Christian or Hitler’s army.
    They have to accept some things as fact of life.
    Jews will alienate themselves if they impose their values on others.
    Swastika is a sign of purity (if used in the proper manner and a sign of evil as used by the Nazis.
    Let’s propagate the sign on purity.
    What are the politicians going to ban next?
    Why have they not banned the words Nazi, Hitler, Germany etc.etc.?

  13. 168. Bernt says:


    No sense of getting into this discussion, the National Socialist believed that their cause was just as the Jews did when the occupied Palestine.
    The is a reason for everything and any action triggers of a counter reaction.
    Lets agree that to ban the Swastika is wrong whom ever is using it.

  14. 167. MAUS says:

    Listen Guys, as n Israeli, I dont care if people will use the nazi swastika for what ever reason, in Israel it is sometimes being used to humiliate people plus show hatred, thats trough, tonz of associations have been made for this, and i learn archeaology my self, and i can tell you that in some synagoges from the roman period a swastika was part of the decoration, but as a child that graw up in a jewish country, i can tell you that when ever i see this sign no metter what it tells, im beening disturbed, because for me it simbolise pure evil but more than that, it simbolize ignorance! of people who dont now what MAN capable of! it simbolize that i must stand for freedom, the right of all sentient beings if you whant to hate, fine, but first open a book or two, visit museums, visit israel, see all over the world, see nations dying! no only jews have been slaughterd of course but it was the largest scale, y? for nothing! even the situation with palestinians is hard, each day they are fighting within them selfs and with us and stragle for self decleration and country, me, myself i saw it with my own two eyes, soon they’ll have their own country, the moment a solid regamie will merge there i dont care if it’ll be Hamas or Phatach, i dont care if they’ll hate us or not IT will be. the wold is always silent, no metter what some people of X group/nation/race does ITS WRONG TO GENOSIDE ! why punish millions for shit one two tree for 1000 did, i can say it on any group or nation and blame anygroup or nation for something they did, why follow one man’s orders? because he said so, im cring when i write it…. and yes the swastika mark all of this things to me and to everyone, dont lie to yourselfs, every symbol got his meaning, so use it as much as you like but please be aware of the outcome, plus the nazis adopted to swastika as cover story that they’re manifesto is good to humenity and its probebly not, please take care of your self and dont be stupid, please judge everything you read dont just belive there is no one truth the truth is in the eyes of the beholder please remember that, as a young person who saw how war’s look like, sound like and smell like, please belive me its not worth it, i saw my friends drop dead because of two people (our leaders – israeli/arab) who didnt compromise, in my country father grieve on sun that grieve on father and mother always dont understants who to blame, day by day i go to work, and in work i have arab friends, i talk arab language, and belive me we all feel the same so please, when you use symbol like this, think twice and try to adopt other symbols like peace sign, 10x, Nimrod.
    p.s. – Sorry for any speling mistakes, im not a english native speaker, but i do know how to spell SORROW!

  15. 166. Bernt says:


    Unfortunately it looks like you are completely out of date or simply Jewish. You should look at this link and not salute the crying of these people whom has been able to blackmail European governments for millions since WWII.
    Guidelines are only needed if you intend to depress

  16. 165. Premasagar says:

    @Bernt – Thank you for pointing out that I like to be indoctrinated and deny seeing the truth! I never knew that… and there I was thinking it was the opposite!

    I think that this forum would be most constructive when the different views and references that people make are discussed in a rational way. We could all learn something by this. However, I think it is not so constructive to make judgements about the people who post here.

    I feel that the forum needs some guidelines, to help it move in a constructive way. Any suggestions for guidelines are welcome…

  17. 164. Bernt says:

    Premasagar !
    Unfortunately there are people like you whom prefer to see the history in the popular indoctrinated fashion and denying themselves to to see the truth..
    The law has yet tobepassed!!!!!!!!

  18. 163. Tinny Ray says:

    Here are some fascinating new discoveries by the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry concerning the American swastika during WWI and WWII

    and swastika style symbolism by the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists, and by the Singapore’s socialist People’s Action Party.

  19. 162. Premasagar says:

    Bernt, that seems a very simplistic and skewed statement…(?)
    Chris – Thanks, I had never noticed the Microsoft swastika before…

  20. 161. Bernt says:

    Yes, in the JEW$SA controlled Germany the Jews are pushing to make a new law making it illegal to use the Swastika.

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