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  1. 100. Hmmm... says:

    I doubt that there is any significance to the 45 degree tilt of the swastika as mentioned below. In my opinion, it’s more likely to be a question of esthetics. If I was going to design a flag or other emblem including a swastika, I would tilt it at an angle too. It just looks better!

  2. 99. jyotirmaya says:

    hmmmm, Dizzy,

    I am just left wondering why your words have so much ring of buddhism about them, and yet the buddhists use the swastika extensively as a tool to help them reach that state of nirguna (beyond the gunas).

    Maybe you, like Lord Buddha himself, are strong enough to reach that state by sitting motionless without eating or drinking for 40 days to attain realisation. Sorry, I am not quite there yet and would prefer to take every bit of help spiritually that I can, including that of elevating Yantras.

  3. 98. Dizzy says:

    Well said Rantos bravo!!!!
    Politics and religion are the two headed beast, orthodox religions are just establishment run corruptions of our shamanic beliefs, when we meditate and release our thoughts, allowing them to float away like a cloud, we are left with the state of
    no-mind, a pure state of nothing, where neither symbols,Gods,jesus,buddha or muhammeds are needed, this is the place where all peoples can put away their differences, leave behind our ego’s and be born again as equales.
    Would the great mystery cease to exist, become any more or less great, any more or less of a mystery if we put away our imposed belief systems and freed our minds unto the great void of nothingness.
    Joined together in the blissfull state of no-mind.


  4. 97. Dizzy says:

    Correction racist attitudes and behaviour can be displayed by all races.
    I am a despiser of racist attitudes, no matter what the race or colour of the racist, you say all racists are white christian, thats a racist statement, so you are racist, its like saying all terrorists are muslims.
    People speek of what the white man did to the American Indians all the time, notice they never look at what happened to the south American indians at the hands of Spanish conquestadors why?
    Its simple because the Spanish are not white, so to bring that up would not help their anti white racist agendas.
    Again people like to speek of the white mans slave trade, and what he did to the Africans, the Arabs has African slaves long before we europeans, infact when we began building an empire and vetured into Africa we got the slavery idea from the Arabs, later though it was abolished by us because we saw how ugly and cruel it was.
    It simply does not suit the anti white racist agenda to bring up matters of the Arab slave trade though does it not and so I neither want or need you to respect English.
    Just respect people and stop being racist or you will not recieve any respect in return.

  5. 96. Premasagar says:

    This discussion would be a lot more constructive if everyone follows the simple guideline of respect and acknowledgment of others’ points of view.

    Please think carefully about how you express yourself. It is possible to present any opinion without resorting to insult or abuse of others. If you cannot stick to this simple guideline, then this is not the forum for you.

  6. 95. Kalki Avatar says:

    Hi Dizzy,

    How you doing? Well, You read my comments in this blog thanks, I think you don’t know how to read English. I clearly mentioned in this blog that “All racists are white Christians” that doesn’t mean that “all white Christians are racists” OK. When you don’t know how to read English language then simply forget English Language and start reading German Language that makes you forget abuse words such “arshole” as you used for me OK. You used abuse word such as “arshole” on me, well, I think many people used that word on you. That is the reason you remember that word. Well, I clarified your confusion. Regarding my bad English Grammar, I don’t want to respect English.


    Kalki Avatar,

  7. 94. Joern says:

    great you are trying to restore one of the worlds oldest and most beautiful symbols..

    You might want to add this photograph of a swastika in a Danish Church.
    You might like to know that the Danish Carlsberg Breweries used the Swatika as part of their logo as well…

    The story that went with it:

    The Danish Tabloid B.T. reported July 2 2003

    Swastika threatens peace in Danish Parish

    Six big gilded swastikas threaten peace in Jutland Parish. In spite of criticism the parish’s Vicar Hans J. Rohwer refuses to remove the gilded swastikas which decorate Vildbjerg Kirke (Church) in West-Jutland, and have done so since 1905, when the church was built.

    This was before WWII and before anybody had even heard of National Socialism, Hitler and so forth.

    “It is incomprehensible that somebody sits in a Danish church (a state church) and guilds swastikas”, says Carl M. Bech, according to the reporter.

    But the Parish Vicar, Hans J. Rohwer refuses to remove the swastikas.

    “Hitler shall not have the victory, to make us change history, because he has abused the swastika symbol” said the priest to B.T’s reporter…..

    Swastika in Danish Church

    Carlsberg images:

  8. 93. Dizzy says:

    When I came across this site first time and saw the discussions going on here, I thought it was great, but viewing it now, it makes me wish the swastica symbol stood for GROW UP!
    Some ignorant arrogant arshole has taken to accusing all white christians of being racist, what a total knob head, you are racist and prejudice against whites obviously, why does the whole world adopt this totally ignorant idea that one race alone is capable of being racist, without recognising this very form of thought is racist in its very nature.
    I embrace christian, buddhist and hindu beliefs myself, through my shamanic holy spirit led journey.
    So please grow up, if we are seeming racist, its become that way due to welcoming folk into our homeland, only to finish up being threatened and terrorised by those that came!
    Hindus live with us in peace and harmony, as do buddhists, jews and taoists, Sihks etc etc etc
    Face the facts, only one peoples and one peoples only require our submission, who might that be?

  9. 92. Isa says:

    Well, I saw website, It is great and chapter 4 is good. Kalki wrote strong words in Racists.. keep it up


  10. 91. Kalki Avatar says:

    Dear jyotirmaya,

    Jyotirmaya, You have too many questions about my website and word swastik, I don’t think this Blog made for you and me, Well, Put your address in I call you in live interview which world going to see. This interview will be there after I appear in the world. Before you attend interview you should know what is Kalki Avatar.

    Thanks jyotirmaya,
    Kalki Avatar,

  11. 90. jyotirmaya says:

    Kalki Avatar,
    you say: “you know all racists are white Christians”
    sorry, I didn’t know that, if it is true, it is really quite a relief, because it therefore excludes about 90% of the worlds population from being racist….

    You also claim “why you take only English Language? Don’t you know English Language is Ego people language” – thanks again for this interesting insight into english, but the language I was referring to was samskrit, since swastika is an ancient samskrta word, dating back over 3000 years.

    In SamskrtA how you pronounce the last “A” is a matter of which school you follow, however, when you spell the word in the roman alphabet, the “a” should definitely be there as it is implied in the ka sound at the end of the word.

    In many Indian languages, the a at the end of words is commonly not pronounced, however, although many Hindi speaking people like to call me jyotirmay, my name is samskrta and definitely spelled jyotirmayA.

    Therefore, I would serioulsy question chapter 4 of your site where you claim Hitler put the A at the end of the word.

  12. 89. Kalki Avatar says:

    Dear Internet Visitors,

    If Racist wants to use Swastik symbol for racism and spoil Swastik then let them do who cares. Let Hindus and Buddhist people spoil Christians Religion symbol cross. As you know all racists are white Christians. Racists feel what is broken heart when other religion people misuse Christians Religion symbol cross. In USA, I have seen Swastik symbol in toilet room, Let Hindus and Buddhist people draw Christians Religion symbol cross in toilet room. I think they want us to do same thing.

    Kalki Avatar,

  13. 88. Kalki Avatar says:

    Dear Jyotirmaya

    I think you should read Chapter 4 in to know definition of Swastik, from where it took the birth, life line of Swastik and where it ends. When you talk about character A at the end of Swastik you should know representation of character ‘A’ in German, French and other language.. why you take only English Language? Don’t you know English Language is Ego people language? SwastikA has got bad name but not Swastik that is the reason Hitler changed Swastik name to SwastikA and spoiled. It is Big calculation. Never mind.

    Kalki Avatar,

  14. 87. jyotirmaya says:

    Kalki Avatar,

    I think the “A” should be there aty the end of swastika as it is a sam’skrta word (notice the “A” at the end of the word “Sam’skrta” which is there but is pronounced softly. Hindi commonly drops this sound, sanskrit IMO doesn’t.

    Have a look at the sam’skrta breakdown of this word on the history page:-
    su – means “good”
    asti – means “to be, to exist”
    ik – means “what is in existence, and will continue to exist”
    a – denotes feminine gender
    – all sounds have a particular meaning.

  15. 86. Kalki Avatar says:

    Dear Internet Visitors,

    Subject: Why do you discriminate Swastik and Hitler? :: Open :: Read Chapter 3

    I am Owner of, I spent nearly 4 years to develop this website. I have been seeing discrimination of Blacks, Swastik and Hitler for last 10 years. At last I want to disclose some secretes of Swastik and Hitler. Definition of Swastik is Lord Vishnu’s Vishnu Chakra, It is not SWASTIK_A but it is SWASTIK. Character A shouldn’t be there at the end of SWASTIK, OK. Well, Regarding Hitler? He was Prophet “King Of Jews”. Hitler didn’t kill 6 Million Jews but far less then 6 Million. Hitler did Jews Holocaust drama to scare Jews to leave from Europe to God Promised Land Jerusalem (Israel). Holy Book Bible clearly says that Jerusalem (Israel) is the homeland for Jews. If Hitler didn’t do Holocaust drama Jews wouldn’t have got God Promised Land Jerusalem (Israel). So if you want more details read chapter 3 in Remember don’t misuse this website. I am Hindu, I read all Holy Books, I am from India and I am Black man. Ok. Note: Hitler didn’t die in Bunker..

    Thanking you Internet Visitors,
    Kalki Avatar

  16. 85. Premasagar says:

    It is great to see so many considered comments from so many different people.

    @Anonymous – I don’t think that this website promotes just “one man’s interpretation”, but rather represents an ancient branch of knowledge – that of Yantra. Of course, different groups and individuals may have their own interpretations of the meaning of the swastika. Let us hear them.

    As far as I am aware, it certainly is widespread to consider the opposite orientation of the symbol to have the opposite effect on the mind – both in Hinduism and elsewhere (although I wouldn’t personally use the word “evil”). To call this a ‘misconception’ is in itself a point of view…

  17. 84. Anonymous says:

    What you call the “negative” swastika is found on Asian food products as a symbol of “suitable for vegetarians” (aimed mainly at Buddhists). I don’t think it’s fair for you not to mention that many people, Hindus and Buddhists alike, do not regard the “negative” swastika as representing “total annihilation”, and promote one man’s interpretation over the general view.
    The name sauwastika is sometimes given for the supposedly “evil”, left-facing, form of the swastika (卍). A common myth is that the left-facing swastika is generally regarded as evil in Hindu tradition. This is because the much more common form in India is the right-facing swastika. Indians of all faiths sometimes use the symbol in both orientations – mostly for symmetry. Buddhists, outside of India, generally use the left-facing swastika over the right-facing swastika although, again, both can be used. Despite this, the misconception that the left-facing swastika is evil is widespread, even among some contemporary Indian communities.

    Reclaiming the swastika should be done with great sensitivity towards Holocaust victims as it is reminds them of very traumatic loss.

  18. 83. Anonymous says:


    Let this be the beginning of the revival of the global Hindutva-consciousness. Reclaim our (Aryan/Vaidik) contributions to the world.

    Now it’s the time to stand up for ourselves!
    More Hindu assertiveness, awereness and harmonization of greater Bharat.

    Spread the word by all means!
    Show the world our heroes and heroines!

    Jago! Jagao, Kranti & Shanti!

    Garve se kaho ki HUM HINDU HAIN!!!!

    Mohnish Mathura

  19. 82. Krishna Gopalan says:

    Excellent Site! Let the world know what it means, where it comes from and where it belongs.

  20. 81. Ythcal says:

    It’s really time to reclaim this symbol. Thousands of years it was a good holy smybol offering luck, and because one idiot misused it for less than 20 years it will be banned forever? That must not happen!

    Banning symbols is the wrong way. It hurts the wrong people, those using it in traditional and peaceful way. People using symbols for evil purpose just take another symbol if theirs would be banned. That’s no solution.

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