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  1. 60. Rachel says:

    When the damage inflicted by what was represented by the swastika is undone, it can be redeemed. As far as I know,there is no way to bring people back to life.

  2. 59. B says:

    This is a symbol of auspiciousness for those who are worthy of it’s use. Nazi Party/Germany was unworthy of bearing the symbol and was therefore defeated and humiliated to this day. Neo-nazi groups continue to bring sufferring upon themselves for the same reasons. It has deep meaning and profound usefullness to those of right mind who use it properly. Otherwise, use of this and certain other symbols can have the opposite result – bad luck. Love and happiness to all.

  3. 58. Ursula Beal says:

    Thank you for great info and photos. I too am trying to promote the swastika in its true meaning of well being. What better way to diffuse the hatred associated with it. Ursula

  4. 57. Kira M. says:

    Thank u for sharing your knowledge!

  5. 56. Anonymous says:

    i hate hitler for using my symbol. i am an indian , a jain. swastik is my religious symbol and the real aryans, my ansestors. i hate hitler for ruining the image of my symbol and my people.

  6. 55. Phospheratu says:

  7. 54. swastika says:

    my name says it all.. :)
    Cheers !!

  8. 53. jyotirmaya says:

    Good point Ravishekarananda!
    Since the swastika is a Yantra (literally machine in sanskrit), it functions in conjunction with mental states of people – the medium of this machine is the subtle psychic and spiritual spheres. So, yes it seems natural that when the wielder’s psychic state is aligned to the psychic effect of the swastika it will bring victory, and where the wielder is not intent on universal victory, defeat is inevitable.

  9. 52. Ravishekharananda says:

    Hi Joonas, yes, i take your point about the “good luck” charm of the swastika in the context of the Finnish airforce and ill-fate of the Naziis, yet, the deeper meaning of the swastika as we have presented here is “spiritual victory”.

    If the people using the swastikas are not following the values of spirituality – which we can say are embodied in the idea of dharma, then the swastika can be said to have no relation to what their purposes are – it becomes, in that context an empty symbol. It is when there is real parallelism between the intention and actions of the wielder of the swastika and the swastika itself that the mystical part of the swastika becomes interesting…

  10. 51. Joonas Partanen says:

    Actually the Finnish Air Force ceased to use swastika in 1945, not 1938. It is still used in several Air Force units’ flags.

    After taking a closer look to the struggle and victories of the Finnish Air Force in WWII, nobody can really doubt swastika’s good luck charm anymore. ;)

  11. 50. Uzielius says:

    It will be kind of hard to get the swastika back safely-imagine another 9\11 after that….

  12. 49. Uzielius says:

    The Swastika has lost it’s meaning-listen when i say this, it was a sign of goodness, not it’s the opposite thanks to that fucking idiot Hitler.

  13. 48. Hall says:

    Come on people, get a life.

  14. 47. Ramon says:


    I would like to know if the real tibetan swastika is facing the opposite direction to the nazi swastika, as opposing the descent into possesive materialness agants the real ascension to spirituality that the tibetan monks would most probably worship.



  15. 46. HÃ¥kan says:

    it would be great if all GAY people could take the Swastika as their symbol.
    What would the nazi-idiots have left ??
    Nothing !
    Only thing I like about Hitler is the fact that he is DEAD and that he LOST the war !
    Not my kind of hero *laughing*…….a looser !

  16. 45. jyotirmaya says:

    James, your comments don’t really make sense. This sight clearly shows that Hitler “borrowed” the swastika from a much older and greater culture than his narrow aryanism. To say you like the Hitler swastika is to say that you appreciate the swastika as a symbol, and since this represents spiritual universalism, it means that you dislike the things that Hitler stood for (narrow racism).

    So please tell us, which is it that you actually like narrow racism or the swastika’s spiritual universalism????

  17. 44. James says:

    I like the Nazi Swastika

    Mr Bad more Mr Hitler

  18. 43. HÃ¥kan says:

    Hi all friends of the Swastika !

    I just had a very nice necklace made in gold approx. 0,8 inches wide (square).
    That´s my way of getting an opportunity to inform people of what the Swastika really stands for.
    Here in Sweden most people think of Mr Bad from Germany :-(
    I´m proud to wear my Swastika and it was worth 350 USD for sure !
    Regards / HÃ¥kan

  19. 42. Somebody says:

    Kalki will come to defeat and punish all who defy the swastika!

  20. 41. Darshan says:

    Hi guys!

    I would like to translate this site to spanish so you could serve it in both languages. Could you get in touch with me so we can do this?


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