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  1. 120. Sarah says:

    Dada Ravi, I lovingly suggest that attachment to a drawn symbol – a “form” (rather than the formless) can be at most a signpost to the unmanifested. It would seem more fruitful to simply contemplate nature and/or be in no thought, rather than holding a thought form (swastika)in your mind.

  2. 119. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi All. On 3rd November, Carlos, wrote asking for feedback about his thought of getting a swastika tattoo on his leg. My question to you is “is it really necessary”. You mentioned your inspiration came from Jain religion. I have also seen Hindu people having the swastika tattoo. To me, far more important than having an swastika tattooed on oneself, is to deeply understand the inherent spiritual meaning of the swastika – it is the perfect expression of the creation – how it was created (the two polarities of consciousness and that which metamorphoses consciousness giving rise ultimately to matter – as condensed consciousness – called Shiva and Shakti respectively in yoga philosophy – the tails represent dynamic movement. An alternative to a swastika tattoo would be to wear a swastika on a neck chain. I permanently wear such a symbol – a swastika in the centre of two interlaced triangles (usually called the Star of David – but actually, it was first given by Shiva 7000 years ago as a yogic symbol – representing the perfect balancing of knowledge and action). Think it over. I can also recommend you learn meditation whereby the meaning and power of both these symbols become increasing clearer. If interested to learn more let me know.

  3. 118. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi all. Thanks Mike for sharing your experience as an american jew. That must have been really challenging for you to make that shift and begin to see the real meaning of this most ancient and spiritual symbol. I once walked through a crowd of thousands of people – at the Glastonbury music festival in UK – flying a huge swastika flag carried by a group of supporters of Reclaim the Swastika. Like you, two of the key people there were jewish. Once people realise the deeply positive and spiritual meaning it makes it easier to “Reclaim”. I like your point that reclaiming the swastika will be the final defeat of naziism.

  4. 117. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi Bernt. Thanks for your comment. I have heard that in the old synagogues in Israel some had swastika engravings but that these were removed when the nazis started using it. Can anyone confirm this?

  5. 116. DB says:

    please can you add this web site to your links
    That would be great,
    keep up the good work,

  6. 115. Bernt says:

    As far as I know the Swastika or Sun Cross has never been a part of Jewish heritage. We do not all agree with the outcome of WWII and for that reasons the Swastika is a reminder of defeat and we are also interested in reclaiming the Swastika / Sun Cross as it has been used by our ancestors for centuries.

  7. 114. MIKE says:

    Great Site, Great Cause.

    As a jewish american growing up as a child the swastika would give me chills when I saw it. As I got older and learned more about this archetype, the ‘swastika.’ The original cross… I am a designer and are currently incorporating swastika’s into my work because I have grown to love them. Its going to take some time to disassociate this beautiful symbol with the evil that was at one time associate with it, but that is THE only way to fully abolish nazism and everything is stands for. If the popularity of the swastika was brought back and Jews were proudly displaying this symbol it would make neo-nazi’s looks tupid and devalue the swastika accosiated with negativity.

  8. 113. Bernt says:

    This page has started on the wrong foot.
    The national Socialist had the full right to use the Sun Wheel as a symbol for the Germanic ( Nordic) People. It is the misinformation and destructive propaganda and the ruthless falls information from the concurring powers after the war that has tainted the Sun Cross.
    It is not banned all over Europe only in certain states where it t has , due to blackmail, been pressured into banning this Strong symbol of unity for the Germanic People.

  9. 112. Dada Ravi says:

    Hi All, i must say, i have enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts. A few come to mind that i may respond to. The last posted comment expressed the idea that the swastika is forever tainted. Well, ultimately nothing is tainted forever. Things change and so, too, i believe, will be the nazi association with the swastika. It was probably mentioned in an earlier post, that for more that a billion people of India and Asia, the swastika remains, perhaps, the most positive & spiritual symbol known to them. I was in India a couple of months ago and the swastika is absolutely everywhere – on buses, cars, trucks, buildings, packaging, in temples, even on cycle rickshaws!!! From an esoteric viewpoint, the swastika is a profoundly powerful symbol – when one understands it’s full inner significance. It is a yantra – as expressed in Yoga philosophy, and that yantra will have a powerful elevating effect on the mind. It is a symbol that captures cosmic Truth – read the next comment for an explication of this point. dada

  10. 111. Nicholas pitts says:

    Hi agian, It’s me Nicholas, I’ve came back to ask if you guys if this is working. I know it’s hard isn’t it. I have also came back to say that no matter how hard you try, we may never see a positive view of the swastika ever again. but those people who choose to use the swastika, I certainly hope they do not have the minds of a nazi. I love swastikas, i’m not a nazi, i’m not a neo-nazi and I am certainly not a k.k.k. member, Or anti semitic (one who hates jewish people) period! And for those who do, they are to stay away from my famly and my, yep, MY SWASTIKAS! later.

  11. 110. Carlos says:

    I’m contemplating getting a Swastika tattoo after learning about the Jainist religion. I mentioned it to my boss and other adult-figures and they’ve exclaimed their thoughts about how it could negatively impact me. They say that people will be offended, get the wrong message and even attempt to hurt or assault me. Any thoughts on this? I think it’s quite harmless since i am getting it on my leg. Should i?

  12. 109. Bernt says:

    The Swastika was not misused by the National Socialist , it was just deemed so because they unfortunately lost the war.

  13. 108. jyotirmaya says:


    I do not think the symbol is actually Aryan. It Is a tantrik symbol, the Aryans were more ensconced in Vedic culture rather than Tantrik spirituality. Tantra was more embraced by the Dravidians at that time.

    The primary difference between Vedic and Tantrik culture at that stage was that Tantra was based more on internal psycho-spiritual practises and Veda was based more on external physico-spiritual practise (ritual). I see the swastika as predominantly effecting the internal psycho-spiritual realm, rather than the external realm of ritual.

    Perhaps the aryans took the symbol and used it externally in ritual, in much the same way as hitler tried to do?

    The only knowledgeable source I can find on this era has been PR Sarkar, perhaps you know some other sources.

  14. 107. Bob Johnson says:

    The symbol is Aryan in origin. Hitler considered his people to be Aryan as well.

  15. 106. Ziggy says:

    Oops, I sent that post about the Thulin D without reading all posts on here, apologies to other posters who’ve already mentioned it. Interesting that the Finnish swastika on their aircraft was not at a 45 degree angle and Finland didn’t lose any more territory to the Soviet Union unlike half of Europe that was under the Bolshevik boot for half a century.

    The territory lost by Finland to Russia in the Winter War of 1940 (Lake Ladoga and a large chunk of territory to the north of that strategic point) was never returned even after the fall of communism in the ’90s.

    PS The reason I have an interest here is my girlfriend’s parents are Finns.

  16. 105. Ziggy says:

    A Thulin D monoplane was donated to newly independent Finland in 1918 by the Swedish Count Eric von Rosen. This was the first military aircraft of Finland. The aeroplane was painted with the family crest of von Rosen, a blue swastika. This became the symbol of the Finnish Air Force until the end of WWII when it was changed because of the nazi use of the swastika, quite unrelated to the Finnish use of the symbol.

  17. 104. Ziggy says:

    Look for ILKLEY SWASTIKA STONE ON GOOGLE – a carving in Yorkshire, England approx 4,500 years old!

  18. 103. nicholas pitts says:

    Hi i’m Nicholas I just love the swastika. I draw them in my home when I `am sad. Whe are in a state where we have indians. i almost perchesed a pre ww2 post card that read “swastika good love, luck, life, and light. Althogh it has an evil backrond, i have come to exept how pretty it was before those nazi losers tarnished the meanig. please keep fighting to get it back. good luck to all of you!

  19. 102. Ping Pong says:

    Interesting stuff pity i cant find anyone amongst you that has any real understanding of the symbol

  20. 101. Brian McInture says:

    I think this is a great site and a great movement that I have called the “reeducation project”…I am a mala maker in Canada and purchased many swastika beads in China to use in my work.
    I proudly wear two swastikas on my mala and inform people of the misunderstanding that the symbol belonds to Hitler.
    It was even used by the Greeks in the 3rd century, inamongst their armory as a sign of good luck (the true meaning of the symbol: as well as auspiciousness, loyalty, and fortune)

    This is a symbol of love, let’s leave the hate behind and wear it proudly…as was always worn prior to the times of Hitler. Let’s not foget the atrocities but regain the value and worth that the swastika retains.

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