Misuse of the Swastika

Anti-Nazi Skater sticker
Anti-Nazi sticker, the swastika here representing neo-Nazi hatred. (Photo)

It is ironic, yet tremendously significant, that the swastika - this ancient spiritual symbol that symbolises spiritual victory and attainment of the goal of human existence - was appropriated by a force that used it for exactly the opposite reasons - to enslave and brutalise human beings.

The Nazis used the 'positive swastika', but clearly they did not attain the victory they wanted. How can this be explained?

The goal of the Third Reich was never in accordance with the universal spiritual victory that the swastika represents, so perhaps its destruction was always guaranteed.

In order for Dharma to prevail, the Nazis had to be destroyed. Ironically, by flying the flag of the swastika, they were celebrating a symbol that could never allow their success.

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